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Dr. Grabow Pipe Starter Kit

The doctor is in.

Dr. Grabow pipes won't win any pipe of the year honors, but if you're new to pipes this sampler is a slam-dunk. Includes everything you need to get up and running, along with some pretty legit pipe tobacco. All for just south of forty bucks. Have at it.

The Dr. Grabow Pipe Starter Kit includes:
1 - Dr. Grabow Pipe
1 - Silver 3-in1 Pipe Tool
1 - Borkum Riff Original 1.5oz Pouch
1 - Davidoff Green Mixture 50g Tin
1 - Sutliff Private Stock Molto Dulce 1.5oz Can
10 - Pipe Filters
32 - BJ Long Fluffy Pipe cleaners

MSRP: $78.50

note: due to the hand-crafted nature of Dr. Grabow pipes, the actual finish, color, stem and bowl size of Dr. Grabow pipe models may differ from our product image.
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Overall Rating 3.58823529411765 out of 5 Based on 17 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Dr. Grabow Pipe Starter Kit”

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5 out of 5
Excellent Starter Kit
There are times when a cigar is too much or too impractical. Had forgotten the smooth flavor of the pipe and when relaxing and reading there are few things which surpass a good pipe.
4 out of 5
5 out of 5
Corn Cob Pipe Smoking
I think the corn cob pipe kit is a great smoking for pipe lovers especially for the summer. Great price too. I enjoy it a lot.Highly recommended.
4 out of 5
Grabow kit
Nice mix of tobacco with a small starter pipe. Tool is handy and kit also includes pipe cleaners and filters. This is a nice kit for anyone just starting pipe smoking.
5 out of 5
Exactly as offered, quite pleased.
Exactly as offered, quite pleased.
2 out of 5
Dr. G starter kit
The pipe that came with the kit was very small, made out of plastic. Misleading in the pic on line. The tabaccos that came with, are mediocre at best. I GUESS the price was somewhat right.
3 out of 5
Nice pipe set but I prefer a cigar
Well its is a nice kit, Reasonable price and helped me realize that a pipe is not for me.. too much.. work I prefer cigars. the tobacco's were nice smelling though.
5 out of 5
Absolutely Worth It If You Are Just Getting Started With Pipes
This is a fantastic way to get introduced to pipe smoking. I have been a cigar smoker for quite some time, but wanted to try the pipe as well. This was a great, affordable way to do just that. I was fortunate and received a bent pipe which I really like (the description indicates it could be one of any number of Dr. Grabow pipes) and the filters, cleaners, tools and selection of tobacco that came with the kit have been wonderful. I could not be more pleased with this purchase!
5 out of 5
Starter kit
Everything you need for smoking!! Quality pipe, tobacco, and accessories! Good job CI!!!
2 out of 5
Save your money
The pipe in the photo is not what you will get, instead it will be straight with a very small bowl, used it once and tossed it to the side. If I had read the other reviews I would of known better. The tobacco in the package is very mild so if you already smoke cigars and prefer something stronger spend literally a couple of more dollars and pick your own tobacco and pipe. I ended up buying another pipe at a local smoke shop and then ordering tobacco from another web site.
1 out of 5
Bait and Switch?
This is a great starter kit for the money, except that the pipe you get is not the pipe that is shown. The disclaimer (note: due to the hand-crafted nature of Dr. Grabow pipes, the actual finish, color, stem and bowl size of Dr. Grabow pipe models may differ from our product image.) makes it sound as if the hand wrought nature of the pipe may lead to variance in the appearance of the pipe, but it should say that the pipe you will receive will be a completely different pipe, so if you are interested in ordering a pipe that is not shown go ahead and order this. Still, for the price it is not a bad deal. Caveat emptor.
4 out of 5
NOt bad at all :)
included everything. but different pipe, not the same as one the from the website image. but the pipe does the work great! :)
4 out of 5
Everything was what I expected
Everything was what I expected except for the size of the pipe. Other than that, I plan to order other stuff from this site in the future.
1 out of 5
Wrong Pipe
Very disappointed that the pipe I received was not the pipe in the picture. Its not worth the money spent. For that it gets only one star. Everything else actually came with it.
1 out of 5
Pipe that was sent to
Pipe that was sent to me was no where near the size or shape of the pipe in the picture. Looked like some thing a small Vietnamese kid would smoke from. The tobaccos that came with this starter kit are great but the pipe is garbage. I was very disappointed!
5 out of 5
Dr. Grabow Pipe Starter Kit
Very nice starter
5 out of 5
I have always been happy with your products and will order again soon.
Customer Testimonials
This is an excellent way to try pipe smoking. The Dr. Grabow pipe is by no means top of the line, but it is a nice starter. The tobaccos are a very good variety for a beginner to sample. I personally fell in love with the Molto Dulce. Guess I am going to be one of those guys that likes the aromatic tobaccos. Since receiving this kit I decided I do enjoy pipe smoking and have a growing pipe collection of 6 total(for now). Three of them are Dr. Grabow. Thanks CI for having an affordable and practical way to sample the world of pipes.
Great starter kit only thing miss is the lighter.
Where to start... the bad news, the Dr. Grabow Pipe. If you read the fine print on this ad, you'll notice it says, '...pipe models may differ from our product image.' I guess I didn't see that when I ordered, and the pipe WAS different. It's a straight style Golden Duke Rustic, rather than the beautiful Full Bent Smooth. Oh well, I've found it to be a fine pipe, and those little filters really make pipe maintenance a breeze. More good news, the included tabac.s are very good. So far the stand out is the Sutliff Private Stock Molto Dulce. It's super mild, moist, and flavorful. The 'Made in Czech Republic' pipe tool is well made and useful. Note to new pipe smokers, the vacuum locked Davidoff tin can be opened by using the longer of the three tools. Place the circular potion in one of the side recesses, and rotate upward. (I.E., To pry the lid off.) Cheers
This kit includes a lot of middle-of-the-road stuff that a beginner pipe smoker needs. All of the tobaccos are fantastic (except for one, but that's probably just personal taste) and the pipe, though nothing special, is a great, reliable pipe. Mine was straight as opposed to the bent pipe in the picture, but that's not a big deal. If you're looking for an affordable window into the hobby, this is your best bet!
Love it... Not bad for a starter!
I bought this kit and was really pleased with it. I smoke pipe or cigar once in a while and was looking for another pipe and some tobacco. I liked that it had the 3 in 1 pipe tool which I've never had. The tobacco is superb. I've had the Borkum Riff, but hadn't had the others. I'm smoking the Davidoff Green Mixture and love it. So if you are starting out in pipe smoking then this is a good kit or you've been smoking awhile I would recommend this to anybody. Chris
Can't complain! The pipe is a sturdy Dr. Grabow kit, the pipe tool is much nicer than the one I had, and the included tobacco is top notch!