Decatur Pipe Shield No-Buff Wax

Better than a spit shine!

Decatur is known for their high-quality pipe accessories, and this No-Buff Wax just adds another fantastic offering to the list. At hand is a specially crafted wax, made specifically for pipes. This is more fluid than a standard wax, to ensure there's no buildup in the grooves of your briar. And using it is so simple, even our intern got it right! Just apply a light coat, let the pipe dry for about 10-15 minutes, and then lightly rub the wax off with a soft cloth (Pro tip: Decatur's Own Pipe Sheild Polishing Cloth works great as a follow-up to this product). With Decatur in your arsenal, your pipes will look good as new for years to come. 

Decatur Pipe Shield No-Buff Wax  Pipe Cleaner
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Decatur Pipe Shield No-Buff Wax

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