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Daughters & Ryan London Dock

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An American classic.

I’m not sure why they decided to name this American style blend “London Dock.” Perhaps it’s a nod to the popular navy style tobaccos of many European manufacturers, I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that this tobacco, which had once disappeared off the market, has been brought back by Daughters & Ryan. The new incarnation uses the same classic recipe — a Virginia base, with Burley, Latakia, and Oriental leaves is topped with a light rum flavor for a classic blend that is enjoyable all day, every day. Recreated perfectly, London Dock is back to show a whole new generation of pipe enthusiasts what this old-school blend has to offer. 

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London Dock was the very first pipe tobacco I ever bought, and that was fifty some odd years ago. I was 16 and working on the barges on one of the many bayous in Houston. The man who was to be my father in law for a short time, was a pipe smoker and London Dock was his brand. Admiring the man, as I did, I emulated him at every opportunity. So, naturally I picked up a pipe and a pouch of London Dock. A few years later it dropped out of sight, and so did he. A few months ago I saw it for sale on CI and eventually bought a tin. The last time I smoked it was over 50 years ago, so, I can't remember whether it is the same or not. But, I will say it is still great; a wonderfully different smoke with a soft citrus flavor and a nice even, good to the bottom of the bowl burn. I hope D&R will start putting it out in larger containers or, better yet, in bulk. Then, I will be back on the Dock, again.
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