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Daniel Marshall 20th Ann. Treasure Chest

This item is no longer available for purchase.
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Considered by many to be the best humidors money can buy, Daniel Marshall sets the bar for high end storage units. Being the Rolls Royce of humidors has its perks but also pushes Marshall to ensure each and every product he produces is nothing but top quality. One of the most collectible items in Marshall’s portfolio is his 20th Anniversary Treasure Chest Humidor. Owned by the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, this 150 capacity gem is fit for a king…or the Governator. A limited edition item, the 20th Anniversary Treasure Chest along with having a Spanish cedar-lining, includes two dividers and a tray, gold plated hinges, and a stainless steel cigar cutter. Also equipped with a digital hygrometer, a self-regulating hydration system, and Daniel Marshall’s own humidification system you’ll have everything you need to keep your choice cuts in their favorite environment.  

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