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Curivari El Gran Rey

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The great king of Nicaraguan puros.

Welcome one of the hottest boutique brands on the market today, Curivari. Based out of Nicaragua, the Curivari team has put an emphasis on delivering cigars that boast a truly Cuban-esque profile, keeping the quality control as strictly scrutinized as any of the top factories in the biz if not more so. Every cigar to come out of the Curivari camp is expertly rolled with top-notch construction and finished with a beautiful, Cuban-inspired triple cap.  The Curivari El Gran Rey is a Nicaraguan puro that features only Cuban-seed Nicaraguan-grown tobaccos and is as flavorful as they come.

Draped in a rustic Cuban-seed Nicaraguan wrapper with a mixture a Nicaraguan Criollo and Corojo long-filler tobaccos lying just beneath, El Gran Rey is a traditional blend that harks back to the golden years of Cuban cigars. This complex concoction boasts a full-bodied profile with rich notes of spice, caramel, and honey, that envelope the palate right off the bat. An instant classic, El Gran Rey has been quickly grabbing the attention of connoisseurs across the globe and is well-deserving of a permanent spot in your daily rotation.  

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