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Cult Artisan Jerky - Wild Teriyaki


Artisan Jerky by Cult Snacks is a must try for all the Jerky lovers out there. The name speaks for itself as this juicy jerky is made with artisanal quality. Utilizing all-natural meat with no added nitrates or artificial ingredients, you get none of the bull and all of the beef. The meat is also gluten free and minimally processed to assure some great tasting jerky. Packaged in airtight 2oz. bags, this fresh snack will leave you satisfied any time of the day.

Teriyaki, a sauce known to tenderize meat, makes this Jerky a real treat. Smoked with a generous coating of teriyaki sauce, this jerky is sweet and savory like your favorite meal from the local Asian cuisine spot. Except for one thing, this isn’t some take out dinner on a Tuesday night, this is grade-A beef jerky, an everyday snack fit for a king. You won’t find it at any old gas station either, so add it to your cart today and enjoy this great snack before your next full bodied cigar herfing. 

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