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Cuban Honeys

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Ultra-premium tobaccos, paired with new mouthwatering flavors.

The ultimate assortment of deliciously flavored, handmade cigars has had a complete overhaul. Now hailing from the largest producer of flavored cigars in the world, La Aurora, Cuban Honeys have been reblended and boast new flavors, updated packaging, and that same dessert-like quality…without all the calories. Utilizing all-natural flavors, these tasty, mellow cigars boast Cuban-seed tobaccos from the lushest soils that the Dominican Republic has to offer. Be ready for crowds to congregate once the scent of these affordable sticks hits the air, just make sure to keep a firm grip on these tantalizing treats, or else have plenty of backups.

Cherry: The fan-favorite of the Cuban Honeys line, Cherry is exactly what you would want and expect. Bold black cherry notes coat the palate as soon as flame hits foot. The further you dive into this flavor bomb, subtle notes of sweet caramel enter the fray with a slight hint of cocoa appearing on the finish.
Honey: Naturally flavored with a generous dose of honey. A wonderful balance between slight hints of natural premium tobaccos and enticing notes of sweet honey, this snack is always a welcomed experience.

Note: This  deal is for a 10-pack of the cherry or honey flavors, not the full box shown

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