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Cuban Honeys

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Looking for a reasonably priced, high quality flavored cigar? Step into my office.

Cuban Honeys are entirely handmade utilizing long-leaf Cuban-seed tobaccos from the Dominican Republic that are craft-fully accentuated by all-natural flavors. Manufactured in the same factory as well-respected names we’ve all come to love, Cuban Honeys aren’t some ho’ hum cheapie knock-arounds - quite the opposite. Tasty and affordable while mild and pleasant - expect friends to flock, and taste buds to rejoice as these handmade treats will have you coming back time and time again. It’s a lot like dessert....without all the calories.

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Smoke a Cuban Honey with a cup of coffee; you won't regret it. I will always keep a box in stock.
JM of Monroe, LA
Truly a delicious little cigar. I purchased this expecting to get a quick smoke with the morning coffee, but I found myself enjoying it so much I started reaching for them over my $5-$7 cigars in my humidor. A little sweet on the tip, but it grows on you. A very delicious smoke guaranteed!
CT of Orrville, OH
This is one of my favorite cigars in existence. It doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and surrounding people, smokers or not, always find the aroma to be pleasing.
JS of Middle River, MD
Great taste, great cigar. Big infused flavor but definitely not annoying. Good, even burn. Love these cigars.
JM of Monroe, LA
Much like we have seen with products like Nica Libre, Cuban Honeys have undergone a change in packaging, necessitating any old stock to be moved out with alacrity. Chop the cost down to under 2 bones per stick for a good sized corona & we are presented with what amounts to a very good deal. I have been smoking these since the early '90s & can vouche for their consistency, mild bodied taste & a level of infusion that is just about right. Not to be confused with the elite Dominican blends, nonetheless Cuban Honeys deliver a satisfying flavored smoking experience. Now thanks to the clearance price, they are also quite a bargain. I intend to stock up on them before they are gone & the cost increases by over a dollar a stick, which is the asking price of the new stock.
Pleasantly sweet and a nice aroma that won't bother anyone. Decent box that they came in, save it and take a whiff of it once in a while, I got the cherry flavored.
BC of Warren, OH
Good cigars. Even burn with a smooth mellow smoke. Lightly sweet.
JR of Eugene, OR
Just smoked my first Cuban Honey and I love it! One fine cigar, yesiree! Nice and smooth. Mild and sweet, but not too sweet. I need to order more!
BW of Pomona, CA
I've only been smoking cigars for like a year or so. I've tried a few different flavored cigars and the cherry ones are by far the best yet. My girl loves them too. I will definitely be ordering more.
AG of Hanford, CA
First one I had was right off the truck and had little to no honey flavor and was actually slightly bitter. So I put them in the humidor to rest and about a month later gave one a try again and I have to say what a huge transformation! The bitterness is completely gone and instead has a nice sweet honey flavor with each puff. Still won't be my everyday go to cigar but it will be a nice change up every so often.
BJ of Omaha, NE
Best of the little smokes I like the honey.
Great, Great Cigar. Was a little unsure when I got them but after Lighting one up I knew I needed More.. CI keep them In Stock...
JB of Marion, IN
I was deployed for a few years when I found these gems, these made all the BS of the day fade away, keep selling these and you have a buyer for life!
DS of Prescott, AR
The honey flavor of this cigar is very pleasant, and goes well with a good cup of coffee. I received one in a sampler I purchased recently, and am very happy that I have another to enjoy another day. ;)
MD of South Vienna, OH
I prefer the Fighting Cock for the money.
RR of Rock Hill, SC
Whenever I felt like a flavored cigar, I went with Havana Honeys. They are smooth, delicate, and an all around treat; but, the price is on the high side. While perusing CI and searching for some new sticks to experiment, I found these. Cuban Honeys offer the same great taste, with a smoother draw, and a far more agreeable price.
EB of Jacksonville, NC
I really like the taste of these Cuban Honey's, but the draw is too tight. I don't know if it's just the pack of 10 I got or just they are all wrapped this way. But the taste is amazing! If I was to rate it out of 1-10, I'd rate it 7.
JB of Rochester, PA
I had received one of these in a sampler. Construction was good and it smelled great, pre-light. However, as I smoked it, my tongue started getting numb and it tasted a little like chloroseptic, I'm assuming from whatever they use to flavor/infuse the tobacco with. I've never experienced that before with any of the other flavored cigars I have tried. I would pass on these and try another brand if flavored cigars are your thing.
DJ of Charlotte, MI
These are VERY sweet cigars. I really like the Drew Estate and some of the other flavored cigars but this is sweeter than my liking. Perhaps its not so much the sweetness but the flavor reminds me of cough syrup to some extent. Glad I tried one from a sampler and didn't invest in a whole box. However if you like your cigars really sweet then this is for you.
BH of Colorado Springs, CO
I love these...I even love them more now! I bought a box with MMAO (make me a offer) and got them at a great price. The next day when I was billed I saw there was no shipping charge, because of a 5 day special free shipping with a MMAO purchases...what a steal! Better jump on this offer if you like the "Honey"....and thanks CI.
DG of Pearcy, AR
I am a huge fan of Cuban honeys. They are petite enough for me and a great smoke. My husband is not a fan of flavored cigars but he likes them as well. I always keep my humidor stocked. I even got my neighbor hooked on them. Thanks CI for keeping them reasonably priced.
LM of Chicago, IL
I am a lover of the mild, sweet, aromatic cigars. I love the Drew Estate line, but can't afford to smoke them as often as I'd like. A friend suggested I give these a try. After reading several reviews I ordered the Vanillas. OMG! This is one of the few cigars I've found that are complimented everywhere I go, & with no complaints! I LOVE this smoke. If you like the mild/sweet/aromatic combination, you'll have a very hard time beating these little beauties! Very affordable & SO worth the money! Thanks CI!!!
DN of Terre Haute, IN
Don't stray from these beautifully flavored cigars. Hint of honey (or whatever you choose) with a wonderful domincan flavor that is hard to beat. These little cigars are wonderful. The cuban honey corona is just flavored enough on the tip to give a wonderful sugary taste on the lips. This cigar has had a perfect burn every time and has always been smooth and wonderful as any fine dominican would be. Nice burn time and very pleasant aroma. Buy a box now!
ER of Hohenwald, TN
As my interest of cigars have been growing I have decided to help others pick the right cigar for them by rating every one in my collection. These are my opinions and are not meant to be taken too critically. Scale 1-5 Wrapper: (3) May give you a tad trouble Taste: (5) Knocks it right out of the park! Burn: (3) Not bad for the size of it Feeling: (3) A good happy, peppy feeling. More energetic then others I always like to keep a few of these handy. These are winners for the price! Excellent value
RM of Norristown, PA
Great little smoke. Love the Amaretto and just ordered the Cherry the other day. I purchase in the tins of 10. Great for a quick smoke if you don’t have an hour or so. Also the flavor is great – not too over powering on the flavoring and believe it or not it’s a good quality cigar for the money. Buy a tin or two (if you can still get them!) and you won’t be sorry. Only thing – I store all my flavored cigars in a different humidor than my regular smokes – just my preference as my other non flavored cigars seem to “take on” the scent of my flavored ones. Don’t know about you but I would rather have my La Gloria’s taste like La Gloria’s and not Cherry!
AK of Mishawaka, IN
Just tried several of these this past weekend and although I am not generally interested in flavored cigars, the amaretto version was pretty darn decent for the money. If you want a quick mild smoke that isn't by any means candy like I would suggest you try them. BTW we had these after dinner around the camp fire with a Baileys on the rocks, the girls loved them.
PB of Auburndale, MA
I just started smoking cigars and enjoy flavored cigars with coffee and the Cuban Honeys are the real deal. Will be buying more soon will keep my new humidor stocked with them. I know hard core zealots don't believe in flavored cigars but these are keepers.
MH of Arnold, MD
Vanilla was more spicy than flavored..Great for someone who isnt into sweet cigars...I found it left a harsh taste.
DC of Bethlehem , PA
Maybe I was a little harsh. Maybe I'm the only one who coudln't stand the overpowering "flavor" of these cigars (is "dirty diapers" a flavor?). But maybe I should have just said I wasn't happy with these and won't be buying them again...
LG of Corona, CA
I just can't get enough of the (Cuban Honeys)! These are the best flavored cigars I have tried yet. I also enjoy the Tatianas, but the Honeys are by far better. It's a smooth mild smoke, with mellow flavors, but through out the smoke the honey flavor will be there. I recomend giving them a try.
JW of houston, TX
Cuban Honeys Didn"t like them I guess you have to have a taste for them Cuban Delights are the best and Cao too!!!!
CM of howard Beach, NY
WOW! Is all I can say! This is one "tasty" cigar. (Cuban Honeys) Full of flavor, and the taste of honey is on your lips for hours afterward! A very mellow smoke, that delivers in taste. The wrapper tends to fall off in the end, but still overall a good smoke! It's in my favorites, and will always be on my ordering list each month.
RW of Virginia Beach, VA
Wow! What a smoke. Unlike some other flavored cigars Cuban Honeys has married the flavor of vanilla to the tobacco without feeling you are sucking on a piece of candy. This is truly a superior stick. i will continue to by these and they are now a staple in my humidor. Thanks and keep 'em coming. One very satisfied customer.
VB of San Francisco, CA
This is the first purchase -50 tin of the Vanilla- (Cuban Honeys) I have made from CI. I definitely love mild cigars and I prefer a little sweetness to them. This is one of the finest I have tasted. I handed out most of the first tin I had and EVERYONE loved them. I plan to purchase the larger Coronas in Honey next time. You can't go wrong for this price!
JW of Sidney, OH
What a pleasant surprise (Cuban Honeys). I tried a tin of the amaretto & it was quite nice, but then tried the vanilla--and liked it even better. The size is fine for a short smoke--especially with a companion smoking cigarettes, the flavor is subtle yet pleasurable. A satisfying smoke that's also pleasant for other people. Enjoy. NJP
NP of Arlington, VA
Okay, I just tried these Cuban Honeys and I have to say that they are fantastic. This is an excellent cigar experience. The flavoring is not overpowering nor is it a sickly sweet taste. It is just right. For someone who wants a real cigar experience with just a touch of flavor, this is the one for you!
SS of Roanoke, VA
I love these small, very tasty cigars (Cuban Honeys). Most of my buddies who smoke cigars agree, that for a small cigar they have to be the best out there. The flavored ones are my favorites, I like em all.
PF of Haverhill, MA
I love your Cuban Honey cigars! Then again so does everyone who is around me when I smoke one does. They taste Great and smell even better. They are the only cigar the girls like to smell as well as smoke sometimes! Please keep selling these excellent little cigars and you'll have a loyal fan for life.
JH of VLong Island, NY
My very first flavored cigar was a West Indies Vanilla. I soon turned to another called Hobo. I came across cuban Honeys here at CI and never turned back. This is probably one of the best made flavored cigars I ever had. It's the only brand I buy by the box. It has a great vanilla taste all the way through and at a great price. Before trying any other flavored cigar you should try this one, you will be satisfied.
K of LMahopac, NY
OK, I’ve tried to find a honey flavored cigar that is better than your Cuban Honeys and there isn’t one. In my opinion Cuban Honeys beats ‘em hands down...consistent in taste, draw, burn, construction...there just isn’t any better! Good job!"
WF of Beaufort, NC