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Cuban Honeys

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Looking for a reasonably priced, high quality flavored cigar? Step into my office.

Cuban Honeys are entirely handmade utilizing long-leaf Cuban-seed tobaccos from the Dominican Republic that are craft-fully accentuated by all-natural flavors. Manufactured in the same factory as well-respected names we’ve all come to love, Cuban Honeys aren’t some ho’ hum cheapie knock-arounds - quite the opposite. Tasty and affordable while mild and pleasant - expect friends to flock, and taste buds to rejoice as these handmade treats will have you coming back time and time again. It’s a lot like dessert....without all the calories.
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Smoke a Cuban Honey with a cup of coffee; you won't regret it. I will always keep a box in stock.
JM of Monroe, LA
Truly a delicious little cigar. I purchased this expecting to get a quick smoke with the morning coffee, but I found myself enjoying it so much I started reaching for them over my $5-$7 cigars in my humidor. A little sweet on the tip, but it grows on you. A very delicious smoke guaranteed!
CT of Orrville, OH
This is one of my favorite cigars in existence. It doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and surrounding people, smokers or not, always find the aroma to be pleasing.
JS of Middle River, MD
Great taste, great cigar. Big infused flavor but definitely not annoying. Good, even burn. Love these cigars.
JM of Monroe, LA
Much like we have seen with products like Nica Libre, Cuban Honeys have undergone a change in packaging, necessitating any old stock to be moved out with alacrity. Chop the cost down to under 2 bones per stick for a good sized corona & we are presented with what amounts to a very good deal. I have been smoking these since the early '90s & can vouche for their consistency, mild bodied taste & a level of infusion that is just about right. Not to be confused with the elite Dominican blends, nonetheless Cuban Honeys deliver a satisfying flavored smoking experience. Now thanks to the clearance price, they are also quite a bargain. I intend to stock up on them before they are gone & the cost increases by over a dollar a stick, which is the asking price of the new stock.
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