Cohiba Spectre CS19 Churchill (Toro) (6.0"x49) Box of 10
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Cohiba Spectre CS19

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The definition of opulent.

Let’s rewind to IPCPR 2018, to the General Cigar booth. A cigar was unveiled that was totally unlike any cigar that came before, and used such high-quality tobacco with such meticulous processing, it blew all the competition totally out of the water. While the price of admission was high, it was undeniably worth every penny. That cigar was the Cohiba Spectre, and now General has upped the ante on their finest release yet with a new Spectre release. This is definitely a cigar you won’t want to sleep on.

There’s just one roller and one buncher in the entire factory skilled enough to produce this masterpiece. A quartet of some of the finest filler leaves in the world from three different countries are carefully rested in rum barrels before being transferred to airtight palm tree bundles for additional aging. The binder is wrapper-quality USA Broadleaf, ensuring a perfect burn and exquisite flavors. But the Nicaraguan wrapper is undoubtedly the cherry on top, having undergone an extra 12 weeks of fermentation in order to provide the richest and most delectable flavor possible. All the tobacco used is at least 5 years old, and all the completed cigars are treated to a 6-8 week nap in cedar shavings before being draw-tested so you never have to worry about a dud. Let’s take a look at the anatomy:

Wrapper: Extra-fermented Nicaraguan Jalapa
Binder: 5+ year aged wrapper-quality USA Broadleaf
Filler: Brazil Matafina, Nicaragua Esteli, Nicaragua Jalapa, Dominican Piloto Cubano

The naturally sweet, opulent flavors produced by the Spectre have to be tasted to be believed. This will easily be one of the best cigar experiences you’ll have in your life, starting with the beautifully designed boxes and ending with a nub that’s too small to hold and a memory that will last a lifetime. Those with the chance to burn one of these would be remiss to pass it up, because they certainly won’t last long.

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