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Coffee Bean Direct - Jamaican Blue Mountain Style

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One of the rarest and most coveted coffees in the world is the Jamaican Blue Mountain variety. This highly sought after bean is only cultivated in the pristine climate of Jamaica’s nutrient-rich, volcanic highlands. But with its immense popularity comes a public demand that the island simply can’t keep up with. Luckily, the master roasters of Coffee Bean Direct have our backs.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Style coffee utilized extremely comparable beans hailing from the fertile soils of Central America. After years of gaining industry knowledge, Coffee Bean Direct’s expert roasters have come up with a roasting ‘prescription’ that tastes close to, if not spot on to the real deal. Balanced and smooth, Jamaican Blue Mountain Style produces a cup that's chock-full of sweetness and delicate floral nuances with a moderate acidity. Factor in availability and the price (Jamaica Blue Mountain goes for $35/lb on average), and I’ll bet you just found the best kept secret around.

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Of course it is not 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain, but it ain’t bad either. It is very mellow, with some of the rose of a great Jamaican. No acidity and no bitterness to the taste. Would I buy again? Absolutely. It comes vacuum sealed too.
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