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CI Smiley 25th Anniversary Baseball Cap New


Trust the smiley to keep the sun out of your eyes!

There are a lot of things to love about summer, like cookouts, short sleeves, and cigars of course! There’s also a few things that aren’t so great, like mowing the lawn, finding things to fill your kids time when school’s out, and the sweltering sun. This high-quality baseball cap bearing the oh-so-familiar Smiley can help you with one of those problems. No, it won’t do your yardwork for you, but it will keep the sunburn off your scalp and the sun out of your eyes. Grab one of these limited edition 25th Anniversary hats, and you’ll be a little more comfortable outdoors while enjoying your fine summer stogies. 

Due to shipping delays, the CI 25th Anniversary Smiley Hat is currently unavailable. We expect the hats to arrive in our warehouse and begin shipping the end of July.

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