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CI Smiley Handwarmers Sale

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Smiley Brings the HEAT!

Now that Christmas is over and the holidays are winding down, we've still got a few months of cold to get through before grilling season starts and we can comfortably enjoy our cigars outdoors again. Until then, Smiley's got a solution that'll make your frigid herf sessions a heck of a lot more tolerable.

I don't know about you, but I'm not crazy about those big bulky winter gloves. Sure, they keep your hands warm, but it's damn near impossible to hold onto your cigar, let alone operate a lighter. If you prefer your hands au naturale, but don't want numb fingers after an hour or two of outdoor puffing, then these CI Smiley Handwarmers are just what you need in your herf kit. All you have to do is take the pouches out of the plastic and shake 'em around a bit, and 15-30 minutes you've got instant heat you can keep in your pockets or hold in your palm for up to 6 hours depending on usage conditions. And these puppies reach temps of up to 135 degrees F, so take it from the guy who learned the hard way, don't put them anywhere too... sensitive. 

Smiley's had his face on a lot of useful accessories over the years, but these handwarmers are a must-have. Grab some for yourself, or gift them to that person in your life who always seems to have cold hands. You can't go wrong!

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