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Introducing OSA Sol cigars, CAO's most unique creation to date.

The secret behind CAO OSA Sol is the wrapper. This exquisite leaf is grown in Olancho, San Agustin, a fertile valley of Honduras surrounded by tree covered mountains. This field is hugged by a crystal clear river, feeding the sun-nurtured tobaccos with pure spring waters and producing a uniquely robust and earth wrapper leaf. A sun-grown leaf, hence CAO OSA Sol.

The CAO OSA Sol cigar marks the first use of this rare, proprietary tobacco variety. A glorious presentation to see and burn, each cigar contains a flavorful OSA sun-grown wrapper chock full of Nicaraguan and Honduran long-fillers inside a hearty Connecticut Broadleaf binder. Medium in body, CAO OSA Sol gushes with rustic tobacco flavors enhanced by earthy undertones, subtle spices, and a touch of leather. Aromatic is an understatement, as each OSA Sol fills the air above with thick clouds of smoke and a lovely, rich, earthy scent.

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Lot 50 (Robusto) (5.0"x50)
Box of 25 In Stock $167.25
save $65.5439% off
Lot 54 (Toro) (6.0"x54)
Box of 25 In Stock $187.25
save $58.4331% off
Lot 58 (Gordo) (6.5"x58)
Box of 25 In Stock $199.75
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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 11 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “CAO OSA Sol”

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5 out of 5
Better than CI thinks!
I've bought lotsa stuff from CI over the years, but I hate to say it, I found these at a big store that shall go nameless in NC, heading north on 95. Tried one, loved it, and have looked ever since for a CI special on them. I have not seen any, but I may have missed one, who knows? I save these for the golf course, sixth hole; a treat each and every time. Not too potent, not too wussy, good taste,even, slow burn and a nice taste. I note that your own reviewer was unenthusiastic, about cigars like this. Reminds me of a concert review I read that started by saying he hated the group, so why would he like their concert...and then trashed it. I tend to smoke these to the nub. Oh, and your price is much better than that other place. I only found these by finding the complete list of now you will get my orders, soon as I get close to finishing what I have. Carry on!
5 out of 5
Yeh! More of these.
I've never had a CAO that I did not truly enjoy. I got the OSA as part of a sampler and will definitely be buying more of these. It was buttery with a hint of caramel on the nose. Excellent draw and burn. These will be for me and special friends. While yer at it invest in some Gold Maduros too.
5 out of 5
A great stick!
A surprisingly good cigar at this price point!
5 out of 5
CAO Osa Sol Lot 50
Smooth draw, and full of flavor!
5 out of 5
Great everyday smoke
Lot 58 is my favorite daily smoke. Great tasting, great draw and even burning every time. Delish
5 out of 5
CAO OSA Review
From the first draw to the last, a consistent flavor with a great aroma!
5 out of 5
1st purchase
Good cigars at a comparable price. Delivery right on schedule. Great selection but I can't order everything
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Nice tight cigar,great burn and oh so delish
5 out of 5
Osa Sol 54
Great draw, good taste, and a great price.
5 out of 5
Fantastic smoke for the price.
5 out of 5
CAO OSA sol lot 54
Customer Testimonials
I bought a sampler pack of CAO cigars and loved the OSA Sol from first draw. Mellow, smooth and an awesome burn. I love the 58 ring and can sit outside for 2 hours and get a great smoke all the way through. Never bitter. Never too hot. Right on the money.
This was one of the deals they put in front of my face when I was putting my order. I gave them a closer look, and for the price of the 5 pack and getting free shipping on my order I found out I did the smart thing and took the offer. I have been a big fan of CAO, and these are another of their blends that leave you wanting more when you burn down to the nub. Great mid-full flavor and thick clouds of smoke. I recommend trying this one at least once. Especially if they give you a deal like they did me. A no brainer!
Are you freakin kidding me? You offer this cigar is a free throw in if I order a bunch of other cigars? This is one of the best cigars I've smoked in a long time. Ci nation you rock and I will be with you guys to the very end of time.
Had this cigar twice and it didn't do much for me. 3rd time was a charm. It definitely has a unique flavor, hence why it took me 3 before I could appreciate this smoke. If you haven't tried already, its worth a shot.... Or 3 lol
Another winner for CAO and in my mind the best of a very fine line. Ordering more Gordos 5-packs as these are the only ones available at present.
At my local cigar shop, I always like to try the newer cigars they are putting out. I saw the CAO on the band so I figured it can't be too bad. I tried the 6.5 x 58 and it was one of the best medium strength cigars I have ever tried. The draw was a little tight at the start, but got better in a hurry. It had a great ash, burned straight, the finish was as good as the start. It was one of those cigars ya hate to see end. All in all out of ten, I'd give it a nine. C.I. has done it better with the price, so I will be buying it soon.
Love them!
Very well constructed cigar. Lots of spice to it. All around a great cigar!
I usually go with a good medium-full body smoke, but with summer coming in I have noticed I quite enjoy the lighter side of the burn. The CAO OSA SOL is a great spring to summer cigar. It has light characteristics of ceder, earth, pepper and tobacco that are continually changing throughout the burn. Once I hit 2/3 mark a subtle hint of sweetness arose to bring a light and calm crescendo. The construction of this stick is superb and 2nd to none. With a beautiful wrapper that isn't too dry or oily. The packaging is beautiful and gives perfect homage to what you will experience. A well balanced journey that is light, smooth, and allows you relax during a warm day and hard work. I highly recommend this cigar during this or any time of the year. A calm and cool burn you are sure to enjoy over and over again.
WOW...great burn over 2 hours. Notes of chocolate and coffee right to the finger burning nub
Wow !! Talk about an awesome flavor profile......this on has it !! I still can't believe the modest price for this incredible stick. Without a doubt, a must try smoke, I will smoke em' to death!!
Wow - talk about dense smoke. Mosquitos didnt even land on me while I was smoking this. Perfect draw and pretty good burn. Still trying to figure out what I was tasting. But all around a very good smoke.
These new OSA Sol ( #54 ) cigars are really Tasty ! They burn darn straight and have a unique taste/aroma thats quite satisfying. They're at the top end of what I'm typically willing to pay for cigars, but for a weekly TREAT - - - - - I'll keep buying them !! !!
Excellent cigar! Burned perfectly, delicious peppery spicy flavor and a lot of kick and strength.
These were rated top 25 in Cigar Journal, so I had to try them. A good solid smoke. Well balanced from beginning to end. Mild enough for the light hearted and satisfying for the full bodied smoker. A good start to the day. I would buy more.
Honestly, I tasted tobacco leaf and citrus. When a local shop had a CAO OSA event last week, there were enough people smoking the OSA to really smell the smoke from it, and it was good. I thought it was a medium stick, but one to maybe let rest for awhile.
Great cigar. A must try.
Smoked one of these last night. It was a wonderful cigar. Medium throughout with a smooth draw and a little bit of spicy flavor. I'd recommend this to smokers of any palette, you won't be disappointed...


Jeff K
OSA Sol marks CAO’s first major release in a couple of years – since La Traviata. And naturally, people are pretty excited about it, including myself. Well, I was excited….
Here’s what I liked about it: the construction, the burn, and the draw were perfect. Honestly, as good as it gets.
Here’s what I didn’t like: The flavor was ho-hum at best. An attempt to please palates of all types (my guess), leads to a flavor that’s lacking, and just boring in general.
Here’s the quick backstory: OSA Sol takes its name from the proprietary tobacco leaf which serves as its wrapper - a sun grown leaf from the Olancho, San Agustin region of Honduras. The guts are comprised of a Connecticut Broadleaf binder and a Nicaraguan and Honduran long-filler blend. Interesting enough.
Aesthetically speaking: OSA looks pretty good. Firmly packed, neatly capped, and boasting a medium-brown wrapper leaf that’s just slightly splotchy and slightly dry in appearance. The boxes are pretty attractive too (if you care).
Here’s what I got out of it: It begins with a noticeable herbal, woody character that’s interesting, but not necessarily to my liking. The flavor overall is very mellow and clean, just a few clicks shy of medium-bodied. Flat’s a good word, I guess. It’s not that the flavor is bad, it’s just missing something. And muted to a degree that makes it uninteresting. But as it burns, it does get better. Approaching the halfway point, I hit a little bit of added sweetness and richness to the original core flavor. And a touch of pepper too. But still, nothing overly exciting. Nearing the final inch, the bitterness built up quickly and I called it quits.
Overall: The flavor just wasn’t for me. It’s safe, and I know it has a place in the cigar world for that reason. Although considering CAO’s past, I guess I just expected more. But as I stated above, the burn, draw, and construction were paramount. The amount of smoke was perfect, the draw was just right, and the burn was straight all the way down - which definitely counts for something. 
You’ll like it if: you prefer easy-going, mellow to medium-bodied cigars. And if you think construction and draw are the end-all, be-all. Just don’t expect a ton of flavor.