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A ligero-laced lovely.

Enter CAO Lx2 cigars (ligero times two). Ligero represents the highest priming on a tobacco plant. Since this portion of the plant receives the most sunlight, it produces a dark and thick leaf that's loaded with flavor, strength, and spice. CAO Lx2 utilizes a bold mixture of 100% ligeros, including a dark and oily Nicaraguan wrapper cloaking a robust recipe of Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers. Extensively aged and expertly blended, the Lx2 cigar dishes out an exceedingly flavorful bouquet layered with rich spices tamed by sweet, earthy nuances. While full-bodied in nature, the cigar is supremely balanced, completing a satisfying experience delivered in a smooth, methodical fashion

The Lx2 became the 11th (!!) cigar from CAO to receive a rating of '90' or better, thanks to a lovely 91-point score which noted:

“A dark, solidly rolled cigar. The draw gives some resistance but, after savory first puffs, layers the palate with leather and coffee bean notes that usher in sweetness.”
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Customer Reviews of “CAO Lx2”

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GOOD: Gorgeous looking cigar and very well constructed with no major flaws. The stick also burned evenly and needed no help. Decent amount of smoke and the wrapper was a smart design and attractive. I had them resting in the humi for about 6 months or more before my buddy and I gave them a shot. NOT SO GOOD: The start was a bit of pepper and an earthy wood notes. As it progressed, the pepper disappeared and it had really no complexity other than an earthy, wood tobacco taste. I expected more from such a great company and gorgeous looking cigar.
Just had one on the golf course...pure pleasure and actually played box coming up
Fantastic stick! Strong flavor, the nicotine hits you strong, they smell nice burning, no burn or smoke issues, one of my favorites. Buy em and enjoy em!
The CAO Lx2 is a very good smoke but the draw is hard, I had the same problems. So I had an idea and used a Ice Pick to open it up no more problems, it works.
The Bam (4x40) is a little short for this cigar. I like coronas and this was the closest to it...that said, the cigar was really getting good and improving steadily the closer I got to the end. Very nice, strong cigar. Lots of ligero taste and you really notice the Dominican. Not overly spicy, firmly packed with a smooth, medium draw. Awesome aroma and delicious after taste. loved this cigar after the first inch warmed it up, would be perfect if it was an inch and a half longer. Leather and wood, very aromatic...very nice!
This is unquestionably my favorite cigar yet. I have always enjoyed full bodied/full flavored cigars, and this one trumps any that I have had to date. It seemed to produce a rich dark chocolate taste with a slight hint of coffee. I would recommend it to anyone who likes fuller cigars.
The CAO LX2 I received in a Blue Chip #11 Sampler, when I bought my first humidor from this site. Having been new to cigar smoking, I tend to prefer mild-flavored cigars, like the 5 Vegas Gold brand or Fuente's Hemingways. This is the first full-bodied, strong flavored cigar that has really caught my attention, and which wasn't overpowering, yet full of flavor.
It takes a lot for me to write a review, seeing that this is my 1st one and chose to do the CAO LX2. For me, this is the best of CAO's line. Construction is TOP grade, flavor is EXCELLENT... the double ligero wrap is DELICIOUS. I actually drank an Arnold Palmer with this and it was real good. Worth every penny. If you're unsure of whether or not to buy it... seriously... buy it. Although it tastes great right out of the box... let it age in the humidor for 3 months or more first. My 1st LX2 was aged over 3 months and it was the best Ligero smoke I've ever enjoyed. Try the robusto size.
Well, all of us know how subjective taste is. For me, this one just didn't really do it. Don't get me wrong because it developed into a "very nice" smoke but didn't develope the strength that I though the Ligero tobaccos would provide to it.
My favorite stick in the CAO lineup. If you like medium to full body, this is a great blend.
The LX2 is a beautiful cigar, with a dark oily Nicaraguan wrapper. This is also a STRONG cigar. It almost abuses you with its power and flavor (not a bad thing). I used a guillotine cutter on the Gordo, which had a very easy draw and smooth spicy flavor. I didn't notice a complex play of flavors and a large cut is not an option for the faint of heart, or those lacking in nicotine tolerance, but it was a good smoke. The strength of this cigar is its defining feature, and I can only demonstrate it as such: I've smoked two CAO Brazilias back to back with not problems; the single LX2 Gordo was so strong that it had me sinking into my chair and even made my hands tingle a bit. Enjoy your smokes fellas!
Good taste but it takes Michael Phelps sized lungs to draw anything out of them (at least the one I smoked last night). I have 4 more to go but frankly I am not looking forward to smoking them. Needless to say, the draw needs to be improved.
I'm enjoying the belicoso as I write this. All I have to say is there is "strong" a la Camacho and there is the Lx2. What a fine cigar! CAO has really captured strength in the quintessential velvet glove. Thanks for delivering way beyond any expectations I had. I will be buying these by the box!
This is a 'strong' cigar without an instants' harshness about it (CAO Lx2). It's a lovely thing to look at, dark and oily. My cigar had a slightly tight draw which forced me to smoke it very slowly which is a wise thing to do in this case. The burn is even which is always a plus and the flavour is very pleasing. Costly? A bit, but for the quality and pleasure, it's really quite reasonable. Worth a try.
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