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CAO All-Star Taster Pack New


I’ll try to keep this brief. The CAO brand is legendary. Everybody knows that, right? So let’s get into the nitty-gritty. I’ve slapped a HALF OFF discount on some of their finest. Check out these all-stars! The heavy-hitting, bold, 95-rated CAO Flathead. Italia and Brazilia are classic among this portfolio and have garnered nice ratings as well. Add in a pinch of the underrated – and 91-rated! – CAO Nicaragua. And then I’m bringing it all home with the ultra-smooth CAO Gold. Ten of CAO’s best for a song. The only catch? Supplies are limited, so you better get on this one quick!

CAO All-Star Taster Pack contains:

2 - CAO Nicaragua Granada (6.0” x 50) (91-rated)
2 – CAO Brazilia Gol! (5.0” x 56) (91-rated)
2 – CAO Flathead V660 (6.0” x 60) (95-rated)
2 - CAO Gold Robusto (5.0” x 50) (91-rated)
2 - CAO Italia Ciao (5.0” x 56) (92-rated)

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