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Build Your Own Blowout

Build Your Own Blowout

It's finally here. The biggest and bestest discount we could imagine, Build Your Own Blowout is bound to bring about a legendary day of savings like no other! Hurrah! So, what exactly is a "Build Your Own Blowout"? Fair question. Simple answer — we've got a few cigars that were overpurchased, and need a loving push out the door. But instead of offering these up at some regular "clearance" price, we're going to put you in the driver's seat, to create your own combination, up to 81% off MSRP

Long answer —

Step One: Pick one premium, boutique 5-Pack
Step Two: Score one whole box of an underrated brand
Step Three: Pick up your favorite Gurkha 5-Pack, well below regular retail
Step Four: Take a tasty bundle, to seal the deal
Step Five: Look at your cart. Realize you got 50 cigars for just $89.99. Run to checkout.
Step Six: Repeat until desired effect is achieved. 

Max out your savings here with the right choices, and you're looking at up to $389.76 in instant savings. This is a treasure trove of cigars that will last you well into the summer, 

  Product Type MSRP Select Compare
Step One: Pick One Boutique 5-Pack
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Alec Bradley Mundial PL#5 (Perfecto) (5.1"x52) Pack of 5 $45.00
CAO Colombia Tinto (Robusto) (5.0"x50) Pack of 5 $31.95
Diesel Unlimited d.6 (Gordo) (6.0"x60) Pack of 5 $26.00
La Herencia Cubana CORE Toro (6.5"x52) Pack of 5 $55.00
La Palina Classic Toro (6.0"x50) Pack of 5 $31.25 Backordered
Step Two: Score One Box
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Amati Churchill (7.0"x50) Box of 20 $70.00
White Heather by JC Newman - Packaging Mistake Blowout Churchill (7.0"x48) Box of 20 $70.00
Judge Wright by JC Newman - Packaging Mistake Blowout Churchill (7.0"x48) Box of 20 $70.00 Out Of Stock
Step Three: Choose Your Favorite Bundle
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Gurkha Black Ops Maduro Torpedo (6.2"x52) Pack of 20 $120.00
HC Series Red Corojo Grande (Gordo) (6.0"x60) Pack of 20 $160.00
Pinar del Rio Overruns Robusto Pack of 20 $114.00
Puros Indios Viejo Robusto (5.0"x50) Pack of 20 $106.00
Rocky Patel The Edge Fumas Toro Corojo (6.0"x52) Pack of 20 $100.00 Out Of Stock
Step Four: Pick Up a Gurkha 5-Pack
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Gurkha Archive Torpedo (6.5"x52) Pack of 5 $47.00
Gurkha Legend Vintage 2001 Toro (6.5"x56) Pack of 5 $100.00
Gurkha Symphony Grand Rothschild (Toro) (6.2"x55) Pack of 5 $90.00
Gurkha Triple Ligero Toro '52' (6.1"x52) Pack of 5 $50.00
Gurkha Governor's Private Blend Churchill (7.0"x55) Pack of 5 $55.00 Out Of Stock