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Brandywine Coffee Roasters - Smith Bridge Road Blend

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Low on acidity, full in flavor

Brandywine Coffee Roasters, proudly located in Wilmington Delaware, are inspired by and bonded with the beautiful local landscape and aim to artfully represent it with their coffee. They take the time to perfect every roast they make by starting with small sample roasts and cuppings and get to know the ins and outs of every flavor present. They then begin to fine tune each roast with the goal of highlighting the flavors that make each roast so uniquely different. From light to dark roasts, from Sumatran to Rwandan, from seasonal to larger-batch, Brandywine Coffee Roasters are sure to have something for the kitchen of any coffee enthusiast

Smith Bridge Road is a blend of beans from multiple Central American countries. It contains sixty percent Dark Brazil, thirty percent Medium Columbia, and ten percent light Costa Rican beans.  The outcome of this Latin bean mixture is a sweet, full bodied taste with low acidity.  Pick up a bag today and enjoy the small batch flavors that Brandywine works so hard to expose.

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