Box-Pressed Battle Royale Motherlode Cigar Samplers
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Box-Pressed Battle Royale Motherlode

We pile drive the MSRPs, and you win the belt!

We’re always locked in a cage match with high cigar prices. The bell never dings either, so we always have to be at the top of our game. Just when you think the competition has us in a choke hold, we dropkick our numbers to bring you the best options we can at a price that’ll have you ready to rumble. The cigar industry is a free-for-all, but we stay stone-cold, stand firm, and brace ourselves for the fight.

When this mighty sampler stepped up to the ropes, we were a bit intimidated by the big names and even bigger flavors, but we didn’t waver. We knocked the MSRPs around until they were black & blue, and we’re bringing it to you for a steal. You’re staring down 6 of the biggest names in the game, 30 cigars total, ranging from mellow-medium to full-bodied, and they’re not going to flinch. You’re not going to want to hesitate when it comes to jumping into the ring with this mighty sampler.

The Box-Pressed Battle Royale Motherlode includes:
5 - Ave Maria Divinia (No Tube) (6”x 54)
5 - Gurkha Legend Toro (6”x 50)
5 - Rocky Patel Vintage ’90 Robusto (5.5”x 50)
5 - Aging Room Quattro Original Concerto (7"x50)
5 - Macanudo Inspirado Red Robusto (5”x 50)
5 - Alec Bradley Prensado Robusto (5”x 50)

Due to inventory issues, Aging Room Quattro F55 Espressivo has been replaced by Aging Room Quattro Original Concerto (7"x50)

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