Boveda 320-gram Mounting Plate


Mount up son

Boveda humidification packs have become a very popular tool for keeping your collection of premium cigars in mint condition. To circumvent the need for 3-4 packs in one humidor, Boveda came out with a huge 320-gram pack that will take care of all your premiums by itself. The large pouch needs some space in your humidor, so Boveda has released a 320-gram Mounting Plate to preserve some room.  The mounting plate comes with a magnet that you stick to the inside lid of a desktop humidor. Utilizing hooks to mount the large packet, it will stay tucked up in the lid of the humidor taking up very little space. If you’re looking to upgrade to a larger humi-pack, pick up the Boveda 320-gram Mounting Plate as well.

Mounting Plate Dimensions: 6 3/8’’ L x 4 5/8’’ W

Boveda 320-gram Mounting Plate
Boveda 320-gram Mounting Plate
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