Bolivar Gran Reserva Cigars
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Bolivar Gran Reserva

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When you been in “da biz” as long as we have, you’ll see tons of projects that just never come to fruition. It’s not because the cigars are bad – things just fall through: the factory doesn’t have enough leaf, there’s not enough extra rollers, the price doesn’t make sense, there’s something else very similar launching too soon, etc. Whatever it is, I’ve seen plenty of cigars die on the vine. Like this brand, today: Bolivar Gran Reserva. A test release that never received a full production order, we’ve got a few boxes leftover from our sampling that you can grab up while supplies last. On the fuller side of the strength spectrum, and offering up a nice long-filler combination with creamy, slightly sweet flavors, Bolivar Gran Reserva is well worth the price of admission. 

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