Black Ops Berserker License Plate

Make your ride a herf MACHINE!

No cigar brand gets our motors runnin' like Gurkha, and the Black Ops line has a prominent place on the Gurkha Cigars showroom. When you show up to a herf packin' Gurkha Black Ops, your buddies will know you're not messing around. Now you can make the same impression before you even finish parking outside the lounge! The uninitiated will just think you're a Black Ops badass, and connoisseur in the know will have no doubt that you know where the good cigars are at. Grab a Black Ops Berserker license plate today, and you'll be king of the road and the local lounge!

Black Ops Berserker License Plate  Miscellaneous
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Black Ops Berserker License Plate

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