Big Brand Seconds - Churchill (7.0"x47) Pack of 20
  • Big Brand Seconds - Churchill (7.0"x47) Pack of 20
  • Big Brand Seconds - Cigarillos (4.0"x24) Pack of 50
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Big Brand Seconds New

A not-to-be-missed seconds

For those not familiar with the term "seconds", it is used to describe a cigars that didn't quite make the final cut to be dubbed a first. When producing a line of cigars, each cigar is inspected to ensure that quality is aesthetically perfect and construction is flawless. Any abnormalities, no matter how miniscule, can cause a cigar to be set aside from the bunch even when if it is only cosmetic. While those that “pass the test” get placed into the line’s regular packaging, those that don't become seconds. Same quality tobaccos, same aging and fermentation processes, same everything…except price!

When it comes to these Big Brand Seconds, we cannot disclose exactly which brands they are, but we are able to say that they hail from the same factories that produce fan favorites like Macanudo, Punch, CAO, and Partagas. You're crazy if you pass up the chance to try these diamonds in the rough. 

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Churchill (7.0"x47)
Pack of 20In Stock$60.50
save $10.5117% off
Cigarillos (4.0"x24)
Pack of 50In Stock$29.99
save $5.0017% off

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