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Big Ben Tattoo Pipes

This item is no longer available for purchase.
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Now you can collect Tattoos, for much less money and a lot less pain than the parlor!

Look, I'll be honest with you. When the Big Ben Tattoo Pipes first came across my desk, my initial thought was 'what the heck is this?!' But then I loaded up the small meerschaum-lined bowl with my favorite 'baccy, lit up, and my taste buds rejoiced. Ever since then, these little pipes have been an absolute lifesaver when I need to toss a pipe in my pocket when I don't have time for a full bowl. They burn nice and cool, and have just enough room in the chamber to fully enjoy your favorite blend without making an hour time commitment. Im not saying you should sneak away from your next PTA meeting for a quick pipe, but if the desire should strike you, you're going to want a Big Ben Tattoo in your pocket. 

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