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Backyard Beans Coffee - Breakfast Blend

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Coffee - it's what's for breakfast

Backyard Beans has an awesomely descriptive sentence on their bags of Breakfast Blend. “A well crafted cup of morning joe.” Alright, maybe it doesn’t give you enough information, but you certainly can’t disagree with it. Backyard Beans Breakfast Blend is a go-to choice around here for the first pot of the day. Perfectly balanced, with just the right amount of caffeine, this’ll get you through any morning.

Inside the bag you’ll find a blend of seasonally harvested Central American and South American coffees. The flavor is clean, with a slight nutty finish. Throw this one in a drip coffee maker and you’ll find the nuttiness come out more, with a bit of acidity. In a French press or cold brew, Backyard Beans Breakfast Blend’s medium-roast reveals a sweet, caramel flavor. A well-crafted cup of joe indeed.

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