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Avocado Limited Reserve

Green means go!

Candela madness! If you’re on the prowl for a serviceable, non-gag-inducing handmade, Avocado Ltd. might just be your cup o’ tea. Hand ’em out to freeloaders, burn one while mowing the lawn....hell, pull the wrappers off, douse with ranch dressing and enjoy a low-carb meal. At this price, you’ll feel like you’re playing with the House’s money. Mellow, Dominican-made, Candela-wrapped long-filler sticks for pennies.
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Churchill (7.0"x48)
Pack of 20 In Stock $80.00
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Customer Reviews of “Avocado Limited Reserve”

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A great cigar for the price. I have tried many cigars: with avacados you don't get that awful taste left in your mouth.
I don't know how to play the piano, but I can sure smoke a cigar, and this Avocado smokes good, and at that price how can you not enjoy it.
I have smoked 7/20 ans going to leave them in the humi for 3-6 more months marrying with my medium and full-flav. ones , then they should be fine, but great if you like very mild
very mild and creamy... like an avocado. So far so good, BUT, these cigars are rolled so tightly I found the only way to smoke them was to cut them in half! I've never done that before, but without doing so, they are dang near impossible to draw. I suppose on the plus side it doubled my supply, but I can't see myself buying another box. They are more of a lung exercise than a relaxing smoke.
Nice creamy light nice when I get Lowe I'll be buying these again
An acquired taste! Easy draw and smooth smoke, but the taste is unique.
I received a 2-fer of the Churchills for Christmas. I like the flavor, nice and mild. The 3 I have tried have all been very consistent. The roll is the tightest I have ever seen, and the sticks are so hard that they feel like they are carved from wood. The draw is extremely hard. When smoked, there is a slight bulge right behind the cherry which makes me think they came a bit moist. I am going to let these sit in the humidor at 65% for a few months, and will revisit them later. If there is any noteworthy change, I will post an update.
Purchased the 2-fer. All 40 had the same consistent flavor. Very tight roll. Semi even burn. More than likely won't purchase the Avocados again.
First off, I would like to acknowledge that I did pay less than a buck a stick for these, uh, bad boys. That being said, these were one of the most horrid sticks that I have ever lit up.... My recommendation, stick to sticks that you know....
Great Candela flavor ... However, 50% of the cigars I smoked so far were rolled so tight you could not enjoy the smoke....
Very nice cigar,nothing like a nice mild candy! Have to get the Churchills now!!!!!
Damn Good! When you factor in the price you pay for them they are even better!!!!
If you like mild-to-medium cigars on occasion, and like to mix things up, the Avocado is an easy recommendation. It ain't no Ashton or Macanudo, but it's quite well made, does nice, creamy things to the flavor and texture of your saliva, and keeps the head clear.
Avocado Ltd Reserve - A crazy name with an even crazier band, but all in all a good, mild, well constructed candela. Well worth just over a buck a stick!!!