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Tasty little firecrackers!

The word Avanti also means "forward" in Italian, and these cigars have been moving forward in the industry for decades. After setting out to make the best cigar they could, at the best prices they could afford, Avanti was born, in a variety of different finishes. Now listen, these cigars ain't winning any beauty contests. But that's cuz they're free-rolled, with no press, and inside you'll find 100% American tobaccos from Kentucky and Tennessee. They're loaded little firecrackers, with each puff delivering wave after wave of full, rustic flavor. Smoked with Hickory logs, Avanti cigars are truly an experience you can't get anywhere else, and are something any cigar enthusiast should try. 

Avanti is available in three flavors: Anisette, Cherry Vanilla, and Vanilla.

Note: The Anisette box of 50 is 50 individual Cigars in a 4.5" x 34 size. The Anisette pack of 50 is made up of 10 boxes of 5 cigars in a 4.2" x 32 size. 

Shipping Constraints:
These items cannot be shipped to Maryland or Washington state addresses.
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Anisette (4.5"x34) Shipping Constraints
Box of 50 In Stock $60.00
save $16.0127% off
Anisette - Cordial Foil Packs (4.5"x34) Shipping Constraints
Pack of 30 In Stock $44.40
save $12.4128% off
Cherry Vanilla (4.5"x34) Shipping Constraints
Pack of 50 In Stock $60.00
save $19.0132% off
Cordial (4.5"x34)New Shipping Constraints
Pack of 50 In Stock $60.00
save $19.0132% off
Estilo Cafe Mocha Foil Packs (3.5"x45) Shipping Constraints
Pack of 30 In Stock $25.99
Licorice (4.5"x34)New Shipping Constraints
Pack of 50 In Stock $60.00
save $19.0132% off
Vanilla (4.5"x34) Shipping Constraints
Pack of 50 In Stock $60.00
save $19.0132% off
Overall Rating 4.86 out of 5 Based on 14 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Avanti”

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5 out of 5
Fresh and Tasty
Always arrive fresh and well packaged. These tasty treats have the aroma and taste of anise. Made in the USA to boot.
5 out of 5
Avanti Anisette 50 PACK
Great value just the right size
5 out of 5
Avanti anisette
Try them you will not be disappointed
5 out of 5
Dad loves these!!
5 out of 5
Wonderful tasting little cigar
Wonderful tasting little cigar
4 out of 5
Right size
The flavor is like an old timey smell and taste not really like vanilla, they are good but not for more than a case a year.
5 out of 5
Love them and my wife likes the way they smell so she lets me smoke them in the house lol
5 out of 5
Avanti Cherry Vanilla Cigars
Very disappointing, thought that they would have a really nice cherry aroma and flavor, and they don't, they were not in the Avanti packaging, so no I would not purchase these again, sorry.
5 out of 5
Avanti Anisette Cordial Foil Packs
I don't buy flavored cigars, I don't like them, except for Avanti Anisette cigars. My father and grandfather would smoke them after the Sunday afternoon dinners. I was a little boy back then in the 50's and I liked the aroma of the smoke the cigars gave. Remembering that, when I saw Cigars International offered them online, I thought I'd give them a try, and for the past couple of years, after a good Sunday dinner, I go out sit in the back yard and light up my Avanti Anisette cigar with a glass of Maria Brizard Anisette, I'd reminisce and imagine having a smoke in spirit with my father and grandfather, a third generation enjoying Avanti Anisette cigars. They are not made like flavored cigars today, they're old world made and the foil packs keeps them nice and fresh. Try them, you'll like them, and have a glass of anisette with them also.
5 out of 5
Product was less than average. Will not buy again
5 out of 5
So fresh.
5 out of 5
These are easy to stay fresh while I travel with the resealable foil pack.
5 out of 5
love them!!!
this is a really nice short smoke that i like to have after smoking a really full bodied cigar like a CAO Flathead. takes the next morning edge and cigar breath off.
4 out of 5
Black licorice
These are a great little cigar! Especially after dinner. Most of my friends that were skeptical after trying one love'em! I think that's because the majority of guys like black licorice.
Customer Testimonials
....this is a steal and a good unusual smoke. Love the Anisette; not too sweet or bitter, just right. Smokes about 25 mins; good for a small Cordial.
This Anisette has one of the best fragrance of any cigar I've ever tried, but unlike so many of the others, the flavor of Avanti outshines even the aroma. It is one of the tastiest cigars I've ever had!
These are excellent anisette flavored cigars. When you light one, if there are any girls around, they will approach you and ask what that is that smells so good. I have not found anyone that finds them offensive, to the contrary, everyone loves the smell. They burn GREAT, they last unexpectedly long - two beers (enjoying slowly--about 45 minutes) per cigar. They are on the medium-strong side and the best part is that they are dry cured so you never need a humidor and the flavor stays as long as you have them. I love them because I can take them hiking, motorcycling, fishing, etc and they stay fresh no matter how many days I'm out and about. If you like a flavored cigar in anisette you will love these. There is no sugar on the wrapper, just anisette.
Just picked up the Avanti Estilos in a 2-fer deal. They have a very strong aroma of chocolate and coffee. Taste is fantastic, just like how it smells, but not overwhelming. Goes great with a cup of coffee in the morning.
Let them rest! I bought the 2fer in foil pouch. The anisette was way to sweet for me right from the foil. Took them out of pouch put in separate coolerdore. Wow, after a few weeks they were terrific after dinner smoke. A great change of pace. Still a bit too sweet for my morning cigar.
The Avanti Anisette infused cigars are fantastic and I enjoy them a lot. I bought the 2 new varieties thinking they would be just as good. I was mistaken....They are shorter than the Anisette Avanti cigars that come in boxes of 5 and they are also much more moist. The bst way to describe the mocha variety is that smoking one is what I imagine it tobe like to smoke wet chewing tobacco. While I highly reccommend teh Anisette cigarillos from Avanti, do yourself a favor and avoid the mocha.... The Anisette versions in the yellow ox are very enjoyable and a lot like smokinga glass of absynthe.
Like Anisette, Ouzo or Bassett's? Like your espresso dark and strong? Then this might be your thing. Consistent 1" ash and no-humidor friendly.
avanti great taste had a very hard draw, I stopped buying them for about 1/2 year. started buying them again because of the great taste. WOW they must have read all the bad reviews. THEY WENT FROM A VERY HARD DRAW TO VERY EASY DRAW. ALL 50.... SO I BOUGHT 100....WOW SO FAR EVERY ONE IN THE NEW ORDER IS ALSO VERY EASY GREAT IMPROVMENT
I LOVE black licorice, these are great change of pace smokes..STRONG on taste (licorice wise) so I smoke a lil then go back and finish them, get anyway 3 go arounds on each of these lil hard packed lil boogers..have gave a few to friends who like licorice also and they were amazed..its like smokeing a twizzler except these are MUCH easier to light ;)
Love these, always have.Taste good lit or unlit. Also love parodi and denobili cigars (same company right here in U.S.A.)
I don't necessarily enjoy black licorice, but I decided to give these a try. This isn't an everyday kind of smoke, but it is nice to change up the pace every now and then with an Avanti. Like others said, the draw is perfect on some, tough on other sticks. I would buy these again.
I enjoy the taste of licorice and have been known to add sambuca to my coffee, so when I saw these at a nearby cigar shop I gave them a try. I am really enjoying these on my morning commute, along with my travel mug of coffee! These have a great aroma, both before and after lighting. If you like black licorice, you should enjoy these too. They are not sickly sweet and the taste is consistent. My only criticism is that the draw is not consistent from cigar to cigar. Some are fine, but some seem to be rolled too tightly because they make you work a bit harder than you should have to. An inexpensive cigar that can be enjoyed daily. Recommended.
I really like licorice so decided to give these things a try. I'm not sorry I did. I like the pre-light aroma and the subtle licorice/anisette flavour whilst smoking. It's not likely to become my favourite cigar, but I think I'll keep a few around just for a quick change-of-pace. A worthwhile wee cigar.
These cigars a pure garbage. the worst draw in the world, might as well try to lite and smoke the end of a stick. They had a horrendous offensive odor just sitting in the box. Needless to say I kept them far away from my humidor. We tried smoking 3 of these and didnt come close to a quarter way done with either of them. I gave the rest away to a friend who owns a drinking establishment and he didn't want them, but he took them anyway and put a free sign above them......after many months he finally had to throw the last 5 pack in the garbage. They are that sickening, ps there nothin like ol gramps used to smoke ;)
These are a great tasting little treat!! my uncle got me to try these several years ago, and i love them! Im slowly getting my friends to try them LOL
Nice little flavored cigar that doesn't taste like it was dipped in dish washing detergent. No chemical taste that most flavored cigars suffer with in this cigar. Great tobacco flavor sets off the liquor flavoring. If you want a flavored cigar with a sweet aroma this is one of the best you can buy----I actually prefer it to couple of Acid Cigars I've tried. I am not partial to the licorice taste and I wish that CI would offer the Ramrod version flavored with bourbon whiskey.
I love these. Avanti has become my everyday smoke. These take about thirty minutes to burn making them good for a commute. Two of my buddies are now Avanti devotees as well. These are one of those cigars that you can hang from your mouth without lighting. It smells good.
Don't expect a smooth smoke here! This is a MAN'S cigars my friends! This cigar is the equivalent of smoking sambuca! A delicious sweet, spicy and aromatic cigar that will let everyone around you know that you have arrived! What's great about this is that you could keep this in your mouth without worrying about it getting soggy and break apart (like Clint Eastwood did in the cowboy movies).
These are the original "fire-cured" cigars that your Italian grandpa used to smoke (Avanti). It's a licorce taste that's really unique and gives a sweet-smelling smoke that won't offend your girlfriend. If you might try the "Ramrod" version which are soaked in All-American bourbon whiskey. There is also a version which is flavored with Red Wine, but it's impossible to find.
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