Alta Gracia Irish Cider Cigarillos
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Alta Gracia Irish Cider Cigarillos

Box of 10
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A wee bit of Irish goodness!

Alta Gracia means “High Grace.” Appropriately so because these little cigarillos are heavenly. Made in Ireland - the land of Saints & Scholars (not to mention Jameson, Guinness and Riverdance) - Alta Gracia cigars are one of a kind 'in-betweener' blends. They burn a tad hot toward the end but all the while exude a creamy tobacco flavor with a naturally sweet finish. This cigar is smooth and just a little sweet, pumping out creamy tobacco flavors with a hint of sweet apple on the finish. I think this one will surprise you. Perfect for a quick indulgence....besides, at my friggin' awesome price it's hard to go wrong. 

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