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Alpha Absinthe Infused - Maduro

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A highly-praised infused Maduro from Alpha Cigars

Discover a Maduro cigar that stands above the rest, Absinthe Infused Maduro. Receiving a well-deserved 92-rating from Cigar and Spirits magazine, this spiked stogie has claimed the spot as the world’s highest-rated infused cigar by any major publication. That alone should put you in high spirits to try this handmade premium.

Each Absinthe Infused Maduro is rolled in pairs with a single leaf bathed in top-notch French Absinthe and is bunched in the Cuban entubado style for an optimal draw. A full-bodied one-of-a-kind cigar, this Maduro offers notes of cocoa, spice, and botanical nuances from the 15 herbs it’s crafted with. 

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