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Aging Room Pelo de Oro

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Gimme More-o of that Oro!

Rafael Nodal’s name is synonymous with ‘unique’. He regularly utilizes some of the finest and most distinct tobaccos for his creations and the results speak for themselves. For the Pelo de Oro, Nodal teamed with AJ Fernandez for a truly fantastic cigar.

For this handmade, a specially selected, dark Nicaraguan wrapper was carefully placed around rare Pelo de Oro fillers to create a naturally sweet flavor with a hint of spice and chocolate that will surely satisfy...but only if you can get your hands on them. When two true blend masters like AJ Fernandez and Rafael Nodal create something together, you know it won’t last long, and this small batch release is no exception. Limited quantities are available and once the last one is gone, that’s all she wrote.

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