CI's Blizzard O'Savings: 35 Boxes and Packs

Medium Cigars

Like Goldilocks discovered, sometimes the bowl of porridge in the middle is just right. And for many, medium-bodied cigars are the perfect middle-of-the-road sticks that provide just enough kick, without knocking you back in your chair. They’re strong, but not too strong, and tend to be complex, balanced, and full of unique flavors. Want medium cigars that fit into your budget? Want the best blends at the hands-down, bar-none lowest prices? Look no further, my friend. Medium-bodied cigars find their home here, and now it’s time to welcome them into yours.
548 Cigars
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ACID Cigars by Drew Estate
ACID Cigars by Drew Estate64 Options4.72 out of 5Ratings1609 As low as $16.50 
Cohiba Red Dot Cigars
Cohiba Red Dot20 Options4.48 out of 5Ratings495 As low as $14.15 
CI Legends by Drew Estate Cigars
CI Legends by Drew Estate2 Options4.76 out of 5Ratings1301 As low as $28.50 
Romeo y Julieta 1875 Cigars
Romeo y Julieta 187517 Options4.5 out of 5Ratings696 As low as $11.10 
Brick House Fumas Cigars
Brick House Fumas4 Options4.29 out of 5Ratings991 As low as $44.99 
La Aurora Principes Cigars
La Aurora Principes13 Options4.46 out of 5Ratings816 As low as $19.99 
CI Fresh-Rolled Rosado Cuban Wheels Cigars
CI Fresh-Rolled Rosado Cuban Wheels2 Options4.22 out of 5Ratings674 $59.00 
Quorum Cigars
Quorum21 Options4.35 out of 5Ratings876 As low as $31.99 
Drew Estate Factory Smokes Maduro Cigars
Drew Estate Factory Smokes Maduro4 Options4.43 out of 5Ratings144 As low as $32.80 
Drew Estate Factory Smokes Sweets Cigars
Drew Estate Factory Smokes Sweets4 Options4.53 out of 5Ratings140 As low as $29.52 
5 Vegas Classic Cigars
5 Vegas Classic16 Options4.45 out of 5Ratings724 As low as $17.00 
Gurkha Sherpa Orange Cigars
Gurkha Sherpa Orange2 Options3.96 out of 5Ratings388 As low as $49.99 
Dark Shark Cigars
Dark Shark4 Options4.35 out of 5Ratings597 As low as $29.99 
Oliva Flor de Oliva Cigars
Oliva Flor de Oliva9 Options4.55 out of 5Ratings404 As low as $37.99 
Drew Estate Tabak Especial Cigars
Drew Estate Tabak Especial29 Options4.82 out of 5Ratings964 As low as $16.50 
CI Knock-Offs - Compare to Romeo y Julieta Cigars
CI Knock-Offs - Compare to Romeo y Julieta5 Options4.19 out of 5Ratings372 As low as $29.99 
Padron Cigars
Padron67 Options4.75 out of 5Ratings442 As low as $22.50 
Rocky Patel Cargo Cigars
Rocky Patel Cargo5 Options4.08 out of 5Ratings476 As low as $39.99 
Bahia Maduro Cigars
Bahia Maduro4 Options4.4 out of 5Ratings497 As low as $44.99 
Cohiba Pequenos Cigars
Cohiba Pequenos8 Options4.61 out of 5Ratings270 As low as $14.15 
Java by Drew Estate Cigars
Java by Drew Estate28 Options4.7 out of 5Ratings299 As low as $22.99 
Gurkha Centurian Double Perfecto Cigars
Gurkha Centurian Double Perfecto2 Options4.56 out of 5Ratings39 As low as $59.99 
Nica Libre Cigars
Nica Libre13 Options4.35 out of 5Ratings545 As low as $16.00 
Sancho Panza Cigars
Sancho Panza10 Options4.33 out of 5Ratings153 As low as $6.97 
Romeo y Julieta Miniatures Cigars
Romeo y Julieta Miniatures6 Options4.32 out of 5Ratings288 As low as $12.45 
Drew Estate MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured Cigars
Drew Estate MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured20 Options4.6 out of 5Ratings583 As low as $11.50 
Padilla Cazadores Cigars
Padilla Cazadores8 Options3.87 out of 5Ratings82 As low as $13.50 
Rocky Patel Vintage 2nds Cigars
Rocky Patel Vintage 2nds14 Options4.5 out of 5Ratings400 As low as $49.99 
Brick House Fumas Maduro Cigars
Brick House Fumas Maduro4 Options4.19 out of 5Ratings202 As low as $49.99 
Gurkha Governor's Private Blend Cigars
Gurkha Governor's Private Blend8 Options4.68 out of 5Ratings96 As low as $19.99