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Maduro Cigars

What is a maduro cigar? Fact. Maduro cigars are some of the tastiest, most flavorful blends in existence. What’s also true is that a lot of maduro cigars get a bad rap….no pun intended. One of the biggest myths surrounding these dark cigars, is that they are all strong and spicy. First, maduro means ‘ripe’, and although a big chunk of maduro wrapped cigars tend to be stronger, it doesn’t mean they all are. Just like Pops used to tell me, never judge a book by its cover. In reality, you’ll find quite a spectrum of different strengths and flavor profiles. TONS. So if you’ve been hesitant to give a darker breed a whirl, don’t be afraid. There are plenty of tamer beasts too. One thing is for certain, these extra fermented leaves provide a deep, rich, and flavorful profile that’s hard to resist.
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Rocky Patel The Edge Fumas Cigars
Rocky Patel The Edge Fumas4 Options3.87 out of 5Ratings771 $39.99 
CAO Brazilia Cigars
CAO Brazilia12 Options4.78 out of 5Ratings612 As low as $24.50 
CI Knock-Offs - Coffee Cigars
CI Knock-Offs - Coffee3 Options4.42 out of 5Ratings640 As low as $39.99 
Drew Estate Factory Smokes Maduro Cigars
Drew Estate Factory Smokes Maduro4 Options4.43 out of 5Ratings163 As low as $32.80 
Quorum Cigars
Quorum20 Options4.35 out of 5Ratings882 As low as $31.99 
Baccarat Cigars
Baccarat30 Options4.61 out of 5Ratings679 As low as $17.50 
HC Series Black Maduro Cigars
HC Series Black Maduro6 Options4.28 out of 5Ratings1013 As low as $17.00 
Drew Estate Tabak Especial Cigars
Drew Estate Tabak Especial28 Options4.82 out of 5Ratings972 As low as $16.50 
Padron Cigars
Padron67 Options4.75 out of 5Ratings446 As low as $22.50 
Java by Drew Estate Cigars
Java by Drew Estate28 Options4.7 out of 5Ratings301 As low as $24.50 
Super-Premium 2nds Cigars
Super-Premium 2nds2 Options4.34 out of 5Ratings282 As low as $32.50 
La Gloria Cubana Serie R Cigars
La Gloria Cubana Serie R20 Options4.66 out of 5Ratings452 As low as $29.00 
Nica Libre Cigars
Nica Libre12 Options4.36 out of 5Ratings552 As low as $16.00 
Brick House Fumas Maduro Cigars
Brick House Fumas Maduro4 Options4.2 out of 5Ratings207 As low as $39.99 
Victor Sinclair Clasicos Cigars
Victor Sinclair Clasicos8 Options4.16 out of 5Ratings319 As low as $34.99 
Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Cigars
Rocky Patel Vintage 199023 Options4.52 out of 5Ratings214 As low as $40.00 
Good Times Country Man Cigars
Good Times Country Man6 Options4.38 out of 5Ratings358 As low as $31.99 
Villazon Maduro Cigars
Villazon Maduro4 Options4.27 out of 5Ratings228 As low as $39.99 
Diesel Unlimited Maduro Cigars
Diesel Unlimited Maduro12 Options4.72 out of 5Ratings247 As low as $22.00 
Drew Estate Deadwood Tobacco Co. Cigars
Drew Estate Deadwood Tobacco Co.11 Options4.67 out of 5Ratings81 As low as $16.50 
Ole Shenandoah Cheroots Cigars
Ole Shenandoah Cheroots3 Options4.27 out of 5Ratings93 $24.99 
Super-Premium 2nds Rothschild (4.5"x50) Pack of 25
Super-Premium 2nds Rothschild (4.5"x50) Pack of 254.35 out of 5Ratings220$112.50$32.50In Stock
Drew Estate Undercrown Maduro Cigars
Drew Estate Undercrown Maduro18 Options4.64 out of 5Ratings397 As low as $16.50 
Isla del Sol Maduro by Drew Estate Cigars
Isla del Sol Maduro by Drew Estate10 Options4.7 out of 5Ratings47 As low as $11.50 
Romeo y Julieta Media Noche Cigars
Romeo y Julieta Media Noche12 Options4.54 out of 5Ratings231 As low as $30.00 
Mark Twain Memoir Cigars
Mark Twain Memoir6 Options4.46 out of 5Ratings477 As low as $18.50 
Bahia Brazil Cigars
Bahia Brazil4 Options4.24 out of 5Ratings262 As low as $49.99 
Reposado '96 Cigars
Reposado '966 Options4.52 out of 5Ratings222 As low as $39.99 
Drew Estate Tabak Especial Ltd. Cafe Con Leche Cigars
Drew Estate Tabak Especial Ltd. Cafe Con Leche2 Options4.81 out of 5Ratings503 As low as $41.79 
Oliva Serie 'V' Maduro Cigars
Oliva Serie 'V' Maduro8 Options4.65 out of 5Ratings78 As low as $44.50 

Shop all Maduro cigars at Cigars International. With tons of 90+ rated industry classics, boutique blends, and hidden gems abounding, you're going to run into a new favorite blend in this list.