CI's Blizzard O'Savings: 35 Boxes and Packs

Cigars From $25 - $50

For under $50, you can pick up a nice handful of your favorite cigars. Many brands play in this arena, especially when you're looking for 5-packs. Rocky Patel Decade, ACID Kuba Kuba, Diesel Unholy Cocktail... all these and many more await in this veritable bazaar of discounted cigar madness.         

1338 Cigars
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Po' Boy II Sampler  30 Cigars
Po' Boy II Sampler 30 Cigars4.25 out of 5Ratings1703$200.00$44.99In Stock
ACID Cigars by Drew Estate
ACID Cigars by Drew Estate64 Options4.72 out of 5Ratings1614 As low as $16.50 
Macanudo Cafe Cigars
Macanudo Cafe43 Options4.53 out of 5Ratings809 As low as $9.99 
Cohiba Red Dot Cigars
Cohiba Red Dot20 Options4.48 out of 5Ratings495 As low as $14.15 
CI Legends by Drew Estate Cigars
CI Legends by Drew Estate2 Options4.76 out of 5Ratings1304 As low as $28.50 
Romeo y Julieta 1875 Cigars
Romeo y Julieta 187517 Options4.5 out of 5Ratings698 As low as $11.10 
5 Vegas Gold Cigars
5 Vegas Gold18 Options4.52 out of 5Ratings1285 As low as $15.00 
CI Knock-Offs - Compare to Montecristo Cigars
CI Knock-Offs - Compare to Montecristo5 Options4.32 out of 5Ratings630 As low as $29.99 
Brick House Fumas Cigars
Brick House Fumas4 Options4.28 out of 5Ratings1001 As low as $44.99 
Rocky Patel The Edge Fumas Cigars
Rocky Patel The Edge Fumas4 Options3.86 out of 5Ratings766 As low as $34.99 
CAO Brazilia Cigars
CAO Brazilia12 Options4.78 out of 5Ratings604 As low as $23.50 
La Aurora Principes Cigars
La Aurora Principes13 Options4.45 out of 5Ratings818 As low as $19.99 
CAO Dream Team Sampler  10 Cigars
CAO Dream Team Sampler 10 Cigars4.72 out of 5Ratings622$72.54$39.99In Stock
Bandidos Cigars
Bandidos2 Options4.57 out of 5Ratings592 As low as $37.00 
CI Knock-Offs - Coffee Cigars
CI Knock-Offs - Coffee3 Options4.42 out of 5Ratings636 As low as $29.99 
CAO Flathead Cigars
CAO Flathead10 Options4.76 out of 5Ratings875 As low as $28.00 
Don Rafael Connecticut Cigars
Don Rafael Connecticut7 Options4.34 out of 5Ratings496 As low as $14.00 
Quorum Cigars
Quorum21 Options4.35 out of 5Ratings881 As low as $31.99 
Victor Sinclair Cigarillos
Victor Sinclair Cigarillos7 Options4.28 out of 5Ratings560 As low as $44.99 
Oliva Serie V Melanio Cigars
Oliva Serie V Melanio12 Options4.86 out of 5Ratings614 As low as $40.00 
Diesel Cigars
Diesel8 Options4.72 out of 5Ratings473 As low as $21.00 
Drew Estate Factory Smokes Maduro Cigars
Drew Estate Factory Smokes Maduro4 Options4.43 out of 5Ratings144 As low as $32.80 
HC Series Black Maduro Cigars
HC Series Black Maduro6 Options4.28 out of 5Ratings1009 As low as $17.00 
Gran Habano Vintage Corojo 2002 Cigars
Gran Habano Vintage Corojo 20023 Options4.14 out of 5Ratings815 As low as $49.99 
Montecristo Platinum Cigars
Montecristo Platinum12 Options4.57 out of 5Ratings386 As low as $39.50 
Alec Bradley White Gold Cigars
Alec Bradley White Gold3 Options3.84 out of 5Ratings615 As low as $29.99 
Drew Estate Factory Smokes Sweets Cigars
Drew Estate Factory Smokes Sweets4 Options4.53 out of 5Ratings140 As low as $29.52 
Backwoods Cigars
Backwoods Cigars9 Options4.49 out of 5Ratings414 As low as $28.95 
Factory Throwouts Cigars
Factory Throwouts7 Options4.28 out of 5Ratings454 As low as $21.99 
HC Series White Shade Grown Cigars
HC Series White Shade Grown10 Options4.3 out of 5Ratings506 As low as $17.00 

Shop all of our cigars from $25 - $50. With hundreds of 5-packs and bundles available, this is your go-to if you want cigars at a great value.