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One of the cleanest butanes on the market.

Xikar’s Premium Butane is a great way to keep your lighters filled and functioning properly. It is refined over and over, until it has damn near zero impurities. In fact, less than 15 parts per million (!) are impure, giving you an insanely clean can of fuel that’ll prevent your torch lighters from clogging, extending its overall life in the process. Available in multiple sizes, Xikar is the best option when you're looking for high-quality butane to refill your lighter. 

PLUS - check out Xikar's high-performance butane. Designed to maximize the efficiency of your lighter, Xikar's High Performance butane has been receiving rave reviews from the industry, with many reviewers claiming they'll never go back to the standard stuff now that they're tried High Performance. Believe me, Xikar's regular butane is already top of the line, but if you really want the cream of the crop, you can do no better than the high-performance offering from this remarkable accessory manufacturer.

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