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The deal of the year is back, but only as long as long as Kris Kringle's in town. Here's the skinny: each year, we get our wishlist from the lads and lasses of CI Nation, and what they want most of all is simple: Good cigars at rock-bottom prices. Sounds simple, but around here, deals flow day in and day out like water off a duck's back, so we know that we gotta really bring the juice in order to twist the ol' Holiday Cheer knob all the way up. But don't worry - we've broken out our most popular deal of the year once again, and we're letting you join in these reindeer games while supplies last. Snag two of the industry's best 5-packs, and score a free desktop humidor, lighter, and cutter... all for just $59.99! If that don't make your nose shine bright, you've got a heart made of coal and a brain stuffed with bah humbug. 

Let me break it down for you once more: 
1.) Pick your favorite two 5-Packs from the list below
2.) Pick up your free humidor, lighter, and cutter
3.) Save up to 86% off MSRPs
4.) Deck the halls with Christmas savings

NOTE: The originally advertised Rockwell Quad Torch Lighter has been swapped out for the Moretti Churchill Quad Torch Lighter. 

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Choose Your TWO Favorite 5-Packs:

Ave Maria Divinia (Toro) (6.0"x54) Pack of 5

A divine new blend for the Ave Maria arsenal.

Divinia. Cigar making at its finest. Only by holding one in your hand will you truly appreciate the magnitude of what’s been accomplished. By now, it is no secret that the Ave portfolio is ripe with some of the most enticing blends on the planet. Now, with the release of Ave Maria Divinia, a new standard has been set.

With this offering, a lush, Habano Sun Grown wrapper encases a bold, ultra-refined core of Cuban-seed long-fillers. A Cuban-esque flavor profile dominated by notes of black pepper, cocoa, coffee, earth, and nutty sweetness, is delivered in a silky medium to full-bodied profile. Simply incredible…and stunningly presented in individual coffins.


CAO Extreme Robusto (5.0"x54) Pack of 5

CAO Extreme Ain’t Messing Around

Some say never judge a book by its cover. Solid advice, most time, but today I say eff that noise. Extreme delivers exactly what you’d expect from first glance — a cigar built upon complexity, and power. CAO is the keeper of the over a dozen different 90+ rated brands, and over 50 unique 90+ ratings. Rest assured, Extreme fits right in with the rest of the CAO family. 

It all begins with a dark and oily Ecuador Habano ligero wrapper, which graces a rich and spicy Nicaraguan binder. These tasty leaves conceal a robust combination of long-fillers from Honduras and Nicaragua, with a dash of La Estradas leaf in the mix. After significant post-roll aging, this eventful cocktail serves up a bouquet that’s rich and hearty throughout. Toast, charred oak, nuts, espresso and black pepper smack every last taste bud, and the strength is more than satisfying. Save this one for after a large meal, and you’re in for pure cigar nirvana.


CAO Flathead V660 Carb (Gordo) (6.0"x60) Pack of 5

‘Murica, son! The home of hot rods, pin-up chicks, and now CAO’s newest offering: Flathead. Borrowing inspiration from muscle cars, CAO Flathead not only sports a highly unique shape, but backs it up with a high-octane blend. So what's so unique about the shape? Instead of a traditional head (rounded or torpedo shaped), this sleek handmade is flat headed, meaning it's completely squared off. 

Heavy in the hand, this dark creation starts with a well-fermented Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. Thick and chewy, this leaf conceals a bevy of Nicaraguan and Dominican long-fillers embraced by a Connecticut Habano-seed binder. Then, each cigar is carefully box-pressed, truly bringing the unique head to light. Churning out a mix of spicy-sweet goodness, expect hints of earth, black pepper, and cocoa throughout a full-bodied experience. 

And if you're looking to spruce up your man cave, good news! Each box lid is removable, making for a nice wall-hanger or conversation piece. 

CAO Flathead received Top 25 honors for 2015 (#3 overall) and an impressive 95-rating noting: "From the first light, this seriously squared-off cigar takes off with notes of ripe fruit, leather and molasses that only gain intensity as it smokes."


Diesel Heart of Darkness Gordo (6.0"x58) Pack of 5

Best of the best

We love Diesel. It’s a brand that has consistently performed, with each blend under the Diesel name promising a unique experience unlike anything else on the market. To ask for more seems greedy, but, let’s face it — with Diesel, we always want more. Enter the new Diesel Heart of Darkness. A limited edition blend, this one’s pure substance. It’s dark, it’s bold, and it’s unapologetically Diesel. 

Diesel Heart of Darkness comes in one perfected size: a meaty, 6” x 58 Gordo. Inside each box you’ll find 14 Ecuador Habano Oscuro wrapped gems. The dark, oily wrapper leaf sits atop a potent firecracker blend of all long-fillers from three different regions in Nicaragua, plus some additional Esteli ligero to put this one over the top. Each puff delivers a chewy feast of bitter espresso, earth, black pepper, and salty leather. Prepare for your palate to kick into overdrive as you burn your fingers taking this one down to the nub. 

If you’ve been around these parts long enough to have seen some other Diesel limited releases, you know as well as I do that this blend is gonna fly. Act quickly son. Otherwise you’ll be left with scraps while everyone else is enjoying filet. 


Excalibur Epicure (Robusto) (5.2"x50) Pack of 5

Full in flavor, the Excaliburs are a world-class cigar.

Hand-rolled by the same makers as Hoyo De Monterrey, Hoyo De Monterrey Excalibur cigars are made using the top 10% of the factory’s tobacco from Honduras and Nicaragua.

In addition to a sterling, '92' point rating, Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur is a member of Cigar Aficionado's top 25 cigars of the year.


Gurkha Black Ops Rubicon Torpedo (6.5"x54) Pack of 5


noun Ru·bi·con \'rü-bi-kän\

: a bounding or limiting line; especially: one that when crossed commits a person irrevocably.

Black Ops Cigars have had this same effect on many-a-connoisseur since arriving on the scene not too long ago, but with their newest, and quite possibly best release yet, the line will be crossed, and everyone who dare cross it will be committed for life. There will be no turning back, but the silver lining is, when you cross this line, you’ll never want to. Black Ops Rubicon is a bold statement, one you will have to try to believe. Coming in rugged, military-grade ammo cans with a Black-Ops Recon knife, these limited edition gems are a rare collector’s item you won’t want to be without. The pristine quality of the cigars only puts the cherry atop this cigar sundae of goodness.

Rubicon, the blend that will have you committed from the very first draw, looks tasty enough to eat. Arriving with guns blazing in a Sun-drenched Pennsylvania Broadleaf maduro wrapper, Rubicon is easy on the eyes to say the least. Lying just beneath, a refined Brazilian binder hugs long-leaf fillers from the Dominican, Honduras, and Panama. If you weren’t counting, that’s a 5-country onslaught on flavor that you can only hope your palate will be prepared for. Complex notes of sweet cream, coffee, oak, and black cherry all make appearances throughout the duration of this medium to full-bodied treat. With a blend as rare as this, it should go without saying that quantities are extremely limited. My recommendation…hop on these bad boys early, before this gravy train comes to a halt.

Note: Color of knife included may vary. Must purchase box of 28 to receive ammo can and knife.


Gurkha Centurian Double Perfecto (Gordo) (6.0"x60) Pack of 5

These special edition perfectos are so exclusive that the Sultan of Brunei is the only customer - until now. 

This limited release is truly something special. Gurkha, of course, is the brand that’s widely hailed as one of the finest handmade cigars in the world, often called the “Rolls Royce of cigars.” And with the extremely limited, Special-Edition Centurian Double-EX, they may have outdone even themselves. In fact, this was originally made for the Sultan of Brunei - a cigar so limited and exclusive that it was commissioned specifically by one of the wealthiest men in the world for his own private consumption.

These cigars are hand-rolled from exquisite Cuban-seed ligero tobaccos grown in the Cibao Valley of the Dominican Republic, aged 8 full years, and hugged by gorgeous, dark, silky Connecticut wrappers fermented to perfection. This combination imparts a rich, very creamy taste with just the slightest hint of spice, and a mellow, pleasant, yet remarkable burst of flavor on the finish. This Perfecto shape is intriguing, a thick 60-ring perfecto that carefully tapers at both ends. Due to the demands of the tricky shape and quantity of aged tobaccos used in each cigar, only the most experienced torcedors in the factory are allowed to make the size, resulting in unerring consistency and flawless construction.

Keep in mind, the Centurian is a limited release, a collector's item. 


La Gloria Cubana Serie R No. 5 Maduro (Robusto) (5.5"x54) Pack of 5

The La Gloria Cubana Serie R cigar utilizes an Ecuadorian grown Colorado shade wrapper, or Connecticut Broadleaf maduro, concealing an extensively aged blend of M​exican, Dominican, Brazilian, and Nicaraguan filler leaves. The result is a richer, spicier, fuller bodied version of the regular La Gloria Cubana cigar line. Using thicker ring gauges, the Serie R helped pave the way for today’s thicker, bolder cigars. Experience the beginning of a legend.

The Serie R has been honored with a 92-rating noting: "Rich in color with an oily wrapper and superbly crafted cap, this short robusto draws and burns evenly. Sweet woods and floral notes are balanced by spices, earth and hints of dried orange peel."


Man O' War Ruination Belicoso (5.7"x56) Pack of 5

An orotund offering that epitomizes the skillful art of full-bodied premium handmades.

ru - in - a - tion [roo-uh-ney-shuh-n]

1. the act or state of ruining or the state of being ruined.
2. something that ruins.

Strap on your bike helmets gents. Behold, Man O’ War Ruination, a supremely flavorful handmade offering superior layers of bold, Cuban-esque flavors balanced by velvety smoothness that pours forth with raw spirit and intensity. Ample flavor abounds, driven by its bold mixture of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan and Honduran long-leaf ligeros. These hand-selected tobaccos have been picked from the plant's highest priming, bringing maximum flavor and richness. To conceal this deep, dense blend of tobaccos, an oily Habano Ecuador ligero leaf was chosen as its wrapper - one that's thick and juicy, even outshining the flavorful core within. An explosion of spice greets you up front, as Ruination deliquesces into softer notes of oak, earth, toast, wood, and leather. The velvety smoke coats the palate, leaving a long and satisfying finish filled with the wonderful lingering aroma of toast and charcoal. Toward the nub the roller-coaster continues....closing with a concentrated, layered, full-bodied finale. Nothing short of a religious experience!


Nica Libre Silver 25th Anniversary Torpedo (Box-Pressed) (6.0"x56) Pack of 5

For 25 years of a sovereign Nicaragua.

Nica Libre is the epitome of pure Nicaraguan enjoyment. Combining hearty, complex blends at a value-conscious price-point has been Nica Libre's MO from day one. Taking pride in the country that fostered its conception, Nica Libre is ready to roll out its most coveted blend yet. To celebrate 25 years of Nicaraguan independence, they are introducing Nica Libre Silver 25th Anniversary.

Without a doubt the tastiest Nica to hit the scene, this charismatic blend hosts a bevy of vintage Nicaraguan long-fillers, all hugged by a refined Nicaraguan binder. A gorgeous, reddish-hued, Cuban-seed Habano wrapper encases this stew of tobaccos. The result is a well-balanced, aromatic experience, chock-full of honey, dark cocoa, and leather nuances. Nica Libre makes a loud statement with this blend, and shows why the lush soils of Nicaragua are so renowned. 


Obsidian White Noise Robusto (5.5"x54) Pack of 5

Ladies and gentlemen, make some NOISE.

After establishing a loyal following, many have come to embrace all that is Obsidian. And who can blame them? There's an awful lot to rejoice in. But now, after 2 years of tireless development, it's time to pull away the curtain and reveal the newest specimen to don the Obsidian name. Put your hands together for the highly anticipated follow-up to Obsidian, White Noise.

Obsidian White Noise was forged from a blank slate, to provide a fresh, exciting, and captivating experience. Dressed in a gorgeous, golden-brown Ecuador Habano-wrapper, each White Noise is simply stunning to eye. But don't be fooled, because beneath this velvet glove awaits a bevy of hearty long-fillers from the Dominican and Nicaragua. Selected from nutrient-rich primings, this core pairs exceedingly well with the sultry wrapper. The end result is a highly polished Cuban-esque profile containing cedar, cream, pepper, nuts, and coffee all backed by a toasty, slightly sweet note of tobacco. Beautifully balanced, this medium to full-bodied blend is exceptionally tasty. And by the time the burn reaches your fingers, you'll be dosing off in vision of another. Prepare to be mesmerized by Obsidian White Noise.


Punch Bareknuckle Pita (Toro) (6.1"x50) Pack of 5

Punch Bareknuckle Cigars - The new full-bodied evolution of a legend.

This little number, rightfully called Punch Bareknuckle, deserves 10s across the board, that's for sure. When you're enjoying Punch Bareknuckle, the grass is already as green as it's ever gettin' and it's always sunny in Philadelphia. One of the most respected brand names in the world - Punch, a stout, exceedingly tasty blend, with a highly attractive price point. Yeah, this thing's a homerun. Draped in an oily, richly-hued Ecuadorian Habano Sun-Grown wrapper and jam-packed with long-fillers from Honduras and Nicaragua, this Punch cigar brings the 'wow' in droves. A looker that tastes even better, Punch Bareknuckle cigars deliver a full-bodied, full-flavored profile that's layered with notes of pepper, earth, espresso, and sweet cedar. Bold, but impressively smooth, this new handmade is certifiably delicious.


Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project Toro (6.0"x50) Pack of 5

Everybody Loves Ramon!

Telling the Genesis story with just two paragraphs - or even three - is extremely difficult. Not to mention, it can’t possibly come close to doing the cigar and its creator justice. Genesis deserves pages of praise, but catalog pages cost a whole lot of money, so our space here is limited. That said, here’s the skinny.

Genesis is a small-batch super-premium, meticulously hand-crafted by Ramon Bueso in Honduras. Who is Ramon Bueso? Trust me when I tell you he isn’t some ho-hum street corner vendor. Quite the opposite, in fact, Ramon has been an integral player in the cigar industry for nearly 4 decades. Since 1977, Ramon has been honing his mastery of cigars and has perfected every facet of cigar production. From grower to roller to master-blender to factory supervisor. Early in his career, Ramon Bueso was vital in catapulting the legendary Villazon factory to new heights, working alongside cigar legends Frank Llaneza and Estelo Padron, and producing some of the world’s biggest and most successful blends in the process. Blends you enjoy early and often, from the likes of Hoyo de Monterrey, Excalibur, Punch, and so much more.

Truth is, Ramon’s mind and hands have created more brands and blends than one can accurately count, let alone imagine. But this....this is by far his most irresistible creation yet. His raison d’etre, if you will. Genesis began as ‘The Project,’ a limited production, local favorite exclusive to the Honduran market, mostly used for gifts and events. Now available on a grander scale, the Genesis is ready to make its mark. The lush, well-aged tobaccos used to craft Genesis deliver a scrumptious and complex medium to full-bodied bouquet. An exceedingly complex core of vintage long-fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras, including select ligeros, visos, and secos. This complex recipe is expertly blended, secured inside a feisty Jamastran binder, then cloaked by a dark and inviting, triple-fermented Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper boasting gorgeous oils. From the very first puff, it’s clear this cigar is something special. Each Genesis wastes no time asserting its distinct array of eventful profile. Thick and creamy flavor coats the palate, dusting the taste buds with hearty notes of espresso, roasted nuts, earth, and nutmeg. The finish is long and savory, offering a unique spicy-sweetness after each puff. Complex, yet highly refined and skillfully balanced, Genesis is a mere peak into the window of Ramon Bueso’s extraordinary talents. Genesis The Project....it’s just the beginning.


Rocky Patel Decade Cigars Robusto (5.0"x50) Pack of 5

Featuring a dark Sumatra wrapper, Decade cigars were created to commemorate Rocky Patel's 10th Anniversary in the cigar industry. It's hard to believe, considering the top-notch cigars he has produced in the past, but the Decade may very well be his finest blend yet. It is an unforgettable cigar with a smooth, rich, and complex flavor. The Decade cigar is a testament to how far Rocky has progressed. It's extreme balance and distinct taste will leave you craving more.

In addition to a stunning '95' rating, Rocky Patel Decade was named one of Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 Cigars of the Year. "Oily and pressed with a great draw. The smoke has a rich and creamy texture with distinct notes of black cherry and a nutty finish. Balanced and elegant."


Brick House Connecticut Robusto (5.0"x54) Pack of 5

Brick House Cigars, crafted by the J.C. Newman Cigar Company, were first launched in 1937 as true Cuban Puros made with the finest Havana Tobaccos. The Cuban embargo ended all of that and Brick House was later relaunched by J.C. Newman as a Nicaraguan puro that shattered all expectations. It quickly became a top-rated, fan favorite blend known to be a great bang-for-the-buck cigar. Pure Nicaraguan cigars with quality construction and loads of rich flavor, not to mention being priced right in the $6 wheelhouse. The line is now extended to offer all of this in a mellower fashion with Brick House Connecticut.

Still handmade by J.C. Newman in Nicaragua, Brick House Connecticut is adorned with a natural golden brown wrapper. Puff after puff you’ll be met with tame hints of sweet cedar, cream, and toast. If you enjoyed the original Brick House, be sure to give its mellow friend a try.  



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