Pipe Tobacco

Pipe tobacco is uniquely cured and seasoned to create a flavor and aroma that’s typically much different than other types of smoking tobaccos. Utilizing a variety of tobacco strains, grown on nearly every continent, pipe tobaccos are normally a composition of a variety of these leaves blended in order to achieve a desired flavor and strength level. Additionally, these tobaccos are cured and/or fermented by different means to further add distinctive flavors. A smoking process is common, and the different woods used in this process each introduce their own unique characteristics. Then, some tobacco blends undergo a casing process which includes the addition of sugars and/or top flavorings to create a less harsh and/or more aromatic experience. Moisture content and the style of cut also add characteristics to the overall taste of a pipe tobacco. In short, there a millions of pipe tobacco combinations, each one crafted according to a strict recipe in order to create a desire profile and smoking experience.