New Premium Cigar Wrappers

As cigars evolve, so do trends and tastes. Years ago, Candela wrappers were the most popular choice in America. Today, Candela wrappers are basically non-existent. Then came Connecticut, Sumatra, Broadleaf Maduro, Corojo, Habano 2000 and on and on. When something is new, it’s interesting. So as a new wrapper leaf begins to hit the shelves, people buy it, seeking new tastes and experiences in the same way a golfer might try out new technology or an Apple fan rushes to buy the latest handheld device. Each of the unique, new offerings put a unique spin on the cigar’s overall taste and body.

It doesn’t often happen that a new type of tobacco makes its way into the market. That’s due to a few reasons. First, most seed varieties are already in use, and there's usually a good reason those not being used stay that way. Secondly, it takes years to cultivate a new wrapper. Finding a good location, establishing fertile fields, engineering the crop to provide large, flavorful and disease resistant leaves, aging the final crop, proper fermentation, perfecting a blend - is a long and tedious process! So from idea to final product can take a long time. But there’s an upside to the wait. Most new tobacco varieties released are usually very good, having been perfected over long periods of time.

So if you're interested in trying something different, two new wrapper varieties receiving ample praise recently:

Habano Ecuador – launched a few years ago, it has snowballed into a hugely popular wrapper choice. Habano Ecuador is Cuban seed, grown in the rich, fertile soils of Ecuador under natural cloud cover. The result is gorgeous leaf that’s smooth and even in color, and loaded with flavor. When fermented properly, this leaf acquires a dark, reddish-brown hue, a nice coat of oils and a beautiful appearance. But the flavor it offers is its real gift. Complex, rich, and Cuban-esque, Habano Ecuador has become a go-to choice for full-flavored premiums. It’s a little more costly than some other leaves, but the added flavor makes it worth the coin. Try Man O’ War Ruination, My Father, Oliva Serie ‘V’, Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet, La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial, or Padilla Reserva Habano to experience the impressive taste of Habano Ecuador wrapper.

Pennsylvania Broadleaf – grown in Pennsylvania, USA (Lancaster) and normally fermented into a maduro, PA Broadleaf has been around for quite some time. But until recently, it was only used as a binder and sometimes filler. It’s not the most attractive leaf due to its somewhat uneven, marbleized appearance. But the flavor is extraordinarily rich and distinctive. If you’re interested in a full-flavored maduro with a uniquely original taste, check out Diesel, 5 Vegas Triple ‘A’, or La Herencia Cubano Oscuro Fuerte to experience Pennsylvania Broadleaf in all its glory. Based on the success of these brands and others, expect to see a flood of new Pennsylvania Broadleaf releases in the coming years.