How to Light a Cigar

When it comes to lighting a cigar patience is the name of the game. Unlike lighting a cigar or a candle wick, it takes longer with a cigar especially when starting out in this enjoyable hobby, but once you master getting your premium handmade cigars going you’ll light ‘em up in no time flat. 

First thing’s first, you need to cut your intended cigar to let air pass through it. When you’re done reading head over to How to Cut a Cigar to get our expert tips.

Now back to firing up your cigar. A properly lit cigar is just as important as a properly cooked steak, you need it done right to get the flavor intended to be experienced. In both instances unevenly cooking or lighting leads to unpleasant hassle to what’s meant to be a relaxing experience.

Think of lighting your cigar the same way you’d toast a marshmallow over an open fire. Mmm s’mores and cigars after a long day out in the wilderness…ok stop daydreaming, you want to keep your cigar above and near the flame without letting the two touch. Putting the cigar directly in the flame makes it too hot. Going back to that marshmallow analogy, you’ll want to rotate the cigar so the entire tip of the cigar is equally heated, and continue to do so until there’s a glowing ring and the edges look thinly blackened. 

Once you think you’re cigar is set, take the first puff from the unlit end, and the ember should burn evenly while drawing. If at first you don’t succeed try again, and touch up the end of your cigar with the flame. Another tip to try is gently blow on the embers that will create a completely rounded ash. 

Not only knowing how to light your cigar, but knowing what type of lighter to use is key to evenly and easily light every time. Avoid at all cost using a candle, Zippo and oil-fueled lighters, and sulfur matches. These options could add odd flavors to the cigar. Your best bet is using a lighter designed for cigars that utilizes butane fuel and is equipped with a wide enough flame to easily light. Luckily for you, we’ve got a boat load of top-notch cigar lighters from the leading cigar accessory brands in the industry.

Now that you know how to properly light a cigar, shop the rest of our site for unbeatable deals on the best brands of premium handmade cigars and cigar lighters.