How to Cut a Cigar

So you want to know how to cut a cigar? We’ve got you covered here at CI with all the ins and outs of enjoying your premium handmade cigars. We know that burning through some top-notch blends can put a dent in your wallet, even with our outrageous deals, it adds up which is why it’s important to cut your cigar properly to avoid ruining it and not being able to enjoy it. 

The object of the cigar cutting game is to create an opening that’s ample and smooth without damaging the structure. Easy enough right? How do you accomplish this you may ask? Simply clip off part of the cap on the head that closes the cigar, but leave enough that’s glued around the end to keep the wrapper from unraveling. 

Having the right cutter in your arsenal is key to getting a perfect cut. New designs and innovative cutters are flying onto the market regularly, from double-bladed cutters, scissors, and v-cutters, to punch, straight bladed and sharp knives, picking your poison in cutters all depends on your preference and type of cigar you’re preparing to enjoy. A dual-blade cutter is going to be your best bet due to being ultra-easy to operate, and are designed to simultaneously cut across the cigar from both sides for any size cigar. Double-bladed cutters also decrease a chance of the wrapper tearing. 

With the cutter of your choice in hand, you’ll want to find the shoulder of the cigar, where the curved end begins to straighten out, and voila, that’s where you’ll make the cut. Now that you know where to cut your cigar, place the head inside the opening of the cutter and slightly close the blades so it’s just slightly touching to keep the cigar in place preventing any motion. Once you have the cigar in place give it a bold swift cut with even pressure. 

For a surefire perfect cut every time, open your cutter and place it on a flat surface, put the head of your cigar in the cutter to rest evenly on the surface and clip the head of your cigar quickly and confidently. Whoo hoo, you’ve successfully learned how to cut a cigar, next you need to light your premium. If you need tips on lighting your cigar check out How to Light a Cigar, and then start shopping for all your cigar needs at the lowest prices.