Cheyenne Cigars

Cultivating out of North Carolina, Cheyenne Cigars were founded in 2002 and continuously crafts exquisitely tasting cigars utilizing high-quality tobaccos. These American-made cigarillos come in a variety of flavors to offer something to every palate. 

Dominating the small cigar market, Cheyenne Cigars delivers flavorful cigars to enjoy in your spare time throughout your day at an affordable price point to keep your budget in check. Each flavorful cigarillo offers an affordable and enjoyable five minute smoke perfect for when you have that little bit of downtime in your day. 

With all operations based in the United States, this patriotic company serves up these cigarillos the American way at affordable prices. And, only high-end tobaccos are used in creating these short cigars that are then cured, fermented, and shredded to make additive free filtered machine-made cigars ensuring extra smoothness. From Cheyenne Full Flavor and Classic to their line of flavored cigarillos there’s something to please any cigar enthusiast. 

With options like Xotic Berry, Vanilla, Wild Cherry, and Sweet Tip, you can get your flavored smoke on for days at the option that fits your preference or mix and match and try them all at the affordable pricing. It’s hard to go wrong with Cheyenne Cigars, or try some of our other great small machine-made cigars like Backwoods, White Owl, Dutch Masters and many more.