NUB Top-Ten Sampler Cigar Samplers

Nub Top Ten Sampler

10 Cigars

Rather than wait for a cigar to evolve, Nub cigars hit their sweet spot right off the bat and remain equally delicious right on down to the....err....nub. The Nub 'Top Ten' is a lovely 10-cigar collection that grants you instant access to the all four savory blends: Habano, Cameroon, Connecticut, and Maduro. Best of all, the chunkiest sizes are featured, ensuring you fully appreciate the blending talents at work. Enjoy Nub, and become an instant believer!

The Nub Top Ten Sampler includes:
2 - Nub 460 Cameroon (4" x 60)
2 - Nub 460 Connecticut (4" x 60)
2 - Nub 460 Habano (4" x 60)
2 - Nub 460 Maduro (4" x 60)
2 - Nub 466 Box-Press Torpedo Cameroon (4" x 66)