Nub Studio Tobac Sumatra 460

Gordo (4.0"x60)

Box of 10

Nub’s Small Batch Beauties! 

You’d be hard pressed to find a series of cigars with more success than NUB. Originally invented to capture the “sweet spot” of a cigar throughout its entire duration, this line of short and stout lovelies is clearly at the top of the game. That’s why we were grinning from ear to ear when boxes of the new Nub Studio Tobac creations started arriving. Studio Tobac refers to the small-batch releases from the NUB masterminds. Each cigar in this series is unique in the tobaccos included, or in the skill needed to create that vitola. Give one a whirl today and I guarantee you’ll find something to love. And keep your eye out for more blends in the future… something tells me this one’s gonna catch on most ricky-tick. 

Sumatra: A unique new offering on the NUB line, the Nub Sumatra utilizes the same wrapper leaf as the famed Serie ‘V’ Melanio to craft an absolute winner of a blend. A real heavy-hitter, with a naturally sweet finish.