NUB Nuance 2nds Cigars

Nub Nuance 2nds Double Roast 354

Short Robusto (3.7"x54)

Pack of 15

A NUB of Joe, on the go!

I know how it is. We all love those relaxing, slow mornings. When you have time to kick your feet up and check the daily news, cup o’ Joe at-hand, idly puffing away on a scrumptious NUB Nuance. But most of us are busy, and barely have time to dump our coffee in a travel mug and rush out the door in the mornings. Times like these you might not want to light up one your pricey boutique gems, and that’s when you’ll want to have a few bundles of NUB Nuance 2nds on hand!

Don’t be fooled by the ‘2nds’ descriptor. These babies use the same top-shelf tobacco & flavorings as their more expensive counterparts, but may have shown a slightly inconsistent color or a sun-spot or two when inspected at the factory. This lets us buy them at a steep discount and pass the savings on to you, so you don’t have to think twice about stocking up and herfing down even when you’re on the go. Deeply discounted coffee-infused gems are your for the taking, but they won’t be around forever! 

Nub Nuance 2nds comes in 2 delicious options:

Single Roast: A golden Connecticut shade wrapper. Smooth and creamy with notes of vanilla bean and cedar. 

Double Roast: Rich Sumatra wrapper. Creamy and smooth with notes of milk chocolate and a clean, sweet finish. 

Shipping Constraints:
  • These items cannot be shipped to Massachusetts state addresses.