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INCH Maduro by E.P. Carrillo #62 (Gordo) (5.0"x62) Pack of 5

INCH Maduro by E.P. Carrillo #62

Gordo (5.0"x62)

Pack of 5

INCH Maduro - one thick stick. 

When you’re Ernesto Carrillo you know the craft of cigar making to a ‘T’. With esteemed brands like La Gloria Cubana, and E.P. Carrillo under his belt, his bench of 90+ ratings is long and deep. And in the midst of creating top-notch cigars year after year, he also keeps his ear turned to the crowd, listening to every critique and request. Due to popular demand, E.P. Carrillo has released a new premium cigar line that weighs in against some of the thickest in the industry. Without further ado, enter INCH Maduro by E.P. Carrillo, monstrous slow burning jawbreakers.

Whoa - now this is what I call an impressive cigar. Dark, oily, and downright thick the INCH Maduro brings a mouthful of flavors in spades. Carefully crafted under Ernesto's watchful eye, each INCH Maduro comes cloaked in glistening Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper, and hugs a long-filler blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos. Blended specifically to cater to the bulbous size of INCH, each puff reveals Ernesto's remarkable blending talents. Copious flavor coats the palate, as strong yet smooth notes of black pepper, roasted coffee, and earth mingle with an undeniable sweetness. Medium to full in body, the INCH Maduro delivers truckloads of flavor behind an outstanding, well-balanced bouquet. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back E.P. Carrillo, you deserve it.