HC Series White Shade Grown Churchill (7.0"x48) Pack of 20

HC Series White Shade Grown Churchill

Churchill (7.0"x48)

Pack of 20

A whiter shade of HC.

HC Series seemingly has it all when you are looking for a quality cigar for a reasonable price. More recent additions to their portfolio including Corojo Red and Black Maduro take this premise a step further, bypassing boxes and sticking to economical bundle packaging while maintaining that spot-on construction and first-rate flavor that garnered multiple 90+ ratings. Flying off the docks would be an understatement for these super-popular offerings, it’s a constant inventory headache trying to produce enough to fill the demand. But here at CI, we will continue to fight for the rights of your palate!

Now, the time has come for the third addition to this stellar line, a lighter version that’s sure to continue the top-selling trend that is HC Series. Welcome, HC Series White Shade Grown. Aptly-named, White Shade Grown features a Connecticut Shade Grown wrapper giving way to smooth, satisfying nuances of sweet cream, oak, and toffee. Long-fillers from the black, volcanic soils of Nicaragua intertwine in this every day standby’s core, and deliver a firmly rolled gem to add to the HC catalog. Jump on these rich, yet mellow offerings before the rest of the pack snatches them up.