Gurkha Genghis Khan Churchill (7.5"x52) Pack of 15

Gurkha Genghis Khan Churchill

Churchill (7.5"x52)

Pack of 15

A dark, delicious Gurkha for you to sink your teeth into.

To bear the name of Genghis Khan is a heavy burden, one that can only be endured by the finest of brands. Gurkha is a mighty fine brand with a more than impressive track record filled with prestigious, heavily sought-after blends, of which 90+ ratings have become commonplace. Known as the "Rolls Royce of Cigars", the Gurkha brand employs the world's finest tobaccos to create some of the industry's most exquisite premium cigars. Quality will never be sacrificed for price, and Gurkha cigars are worth every penny, and then some.

Genghis Khan is yet another example of Gurkha's expertise in uniqueness and craftsmanship. The Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper used to complete this cigar is simply gorgeous. Aside from being one of the hardest leaves on the planet to harvest, let alone one of the most expensive, it delivers an assortment of rich, slightly sweet flavors and promotes a super-slow burn. The hearty blend of aged Dominican and Honduran tobaccos combine with rare leaves from India and Africa to create an array of smooth, earthy notes backed by subtle hints of pepper. A medium-bodied delight to be savored, courtesy of one of the finest brands in the business.

'The Khan' is an alluring, 7.5" x 52 Churchill size that's masterfully blended and guarantees a satisfying and enjoyable experience. Such a masterpiece can only be presented as such. Packaged in a gloriously attractive dome chest that Genghis Khan himself would be proud to own. A big, bulky antique style, humidor quality dome that will sufficiently store 30 nicely proportioned churchills, complete with a lift-out tray that reveals a lower compartment for additional cigar or accessory storage. Once again, the folks behind Gurkha have outdone themselves with this piece.

Gurkha Genghis Khan received a well-deserved 90-rating noting: "Imposingly large with a dark wrapper and even draw. The smoke is chewy and nutty carrying a subtle cocoa-powder sweetness."