CI Legends by Drew Estate Black (Lonsdale) (6.7"x44) Pack of 10

CI Legends by Drew Estate Black

Lonsdale (6.7"x44)

Pack of 10

A sequel ten years in the making

Creating a follow-up to the original CI Legends by Drew Estate blend is a task we didn’t take lightly. The original Legends by DE is an absolute monster. A near-perfect cigar, with over 1,000 reviews and a 5-star rating. How do you top that? 

Well friends, we’ve finally found an answer. Introducing the CI Legends Black by Drew Estate – a delectable morsel that’s truly the “yin” to the original’s “yang.”

Legends Black is a new infusion, leading to a richer, deeper experience than the original line. Featuring a Brazilian wrapper leaf over top-quality Nicaraguan long-fillers, this perfectly crafted handmade sings with the sweetness of a bar of chocolate, while adding enough complexity on the finish to stand up to a tall glass of bourbon. An instant classic. 

Quite simply: If it weren’t amazing, we wouldn’t put our name on it. Enjoy. 

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