CAO Mega-Sampler II  20 Cigars

CAO Mega-Sampler II

20 Cigars

All your favorite CAOs in one amazing package. To say CAO has been at the top of the world seems redundant, but I'll say it anyway — CAO has been at the top of the world of cigars for years. And when you take a look at their portfolio, can you really be surprised? After consistently releasing amazing cigars like the 95-rated CAO Flathead and the highly sought-after CAO Amazon Basin, this company is the new champ around these parts. But with this sampler, we're revisiting the classic brands that made CAO a rockstar — and there's no duds in this lineup. The 90+ rated Brazilia, Italia, and Colombia join the super smooth CAO Black, and high-octane CAO Extreme.  

The CAO Mega-Sampler II includes:
4 - CAO Black Bengal(6" x 50)
4 - CAO Colombia Tinto (5" x 50)
4 - CAO Brazilia Gol! (5" x 56)
4 - CAO Italia Ciao (5" x 56)
4 - CAO Extreme Robusto (5" x 54)