Camacho BG Meyer Standard Issue Slackers (Corona) (4.0"x48) Pack of 20

Camacho BG Meyer Standard Issue Slackers

Corona (4.0"x48)

Pack of 20

BG Meyer…

If you haven’t heard about the BG Meyer Standard Issue cigar, don’t worry. I am here to impart some knowledge. “What is a BG Meyer,” you may be asking yourself? Not a hot dog, but the newest addition to the already stunning arsenal that is Camacho Cigars. In a monumental revamping effort, Camacho created the “Board of the Bold,” a star-studded cast of brand directors including Mike Ditka, Matt Booth, and the person behind the BG Meyer Company, Rob Weiss. Rob Weiss is well-known in the cinema industry as one of the writers and producers on the hit HBO series, “Entourage!” I never heard of him, but he’s got a Wikipedia…and that’s proof enough for me. Plus, the cigar’s pretty damn tasty. So that’s that. 

BG Meyer’s Standard Issue stays true to the “Board of the Bold” name, delivering a medium-full bodied experience. A true gem, rare Dominican fillers are nestled within a Dominican binder. To cap it all off, an exquisite Ecuador Connecticut wrapper is draped over top, producing notes of wood, vanilla bean, and sweet spices. It’s like hobnobbing with the rich and famous of Hollywood, just a little better tasting.