Bugatti Medio Churchill (6.7"x48) Pack of 5

Bugatti Medio Churchill

Churchill (6.7"x48)

Pack of 5

Bugatti gets you where you need to go

When the bossman told me we had a ton of new Bugattis in for me to test drive, my jaw hit the floor. Needless to say I was a little disappointed when I found a package of cigars on my desk, instead of the keys to the supercar of my dreams. Luckily for me, these Bugatti blends performed exceptionally well, and are poised to find a place in your humidor. 

The Bugatti Medio is the “just right” blend in the new trilogy of Bugatti cigars – not too dark, not too mellow, just a comfortably balanced medium-bodied experience. Underneath the Sumatra wrapper, you’ll find a four-country long-filler blend of US, Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Honduran tobaccos. Light it up, and this high-performance cigar delivers creamy and woodsy notes up front, before developing into a spicier blend down the road. But let’s not skip the best part: this new Bugatti is a luxury we all can afford.