What is cigar CigarFU?

What is CigarFU?

CigarFU is an art.

An art learned from 20+ years of cigar world domination. An art centered on sourcing the world’s finest, in-demand premium cigars at prices only we can obtain. An art of discipline, trained always on you, exercising our unrivaled buying power as leverage to deliver even more savings, even more often. CigarFU is where art meets experience, and experience leads to fierce discounts and egregious savings, ultimately resulting in jubilation within your dwelling. For over two decades we’ve given you the best, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. CigarFU. Come and find your chi. Daily. Weekly. All damn year. Hell, we’ll feng shui your living room if we have to. Your chi is our only focus.

CigarFU offers daily event-based, timed deals. Each event will feature one product or several, and expires at a set time. Expect salacious discounts and swift sellouts.